With summer comes the heat and the need to use more water, whether it’s for your lawn, for washing your car, or for various other activities. Because of that, it’s important to know how to save water in your home, which is highly beneficial for the environment and for you – that water bill at the end of the month will come much lighter!

Let’s discuss some great ways to save water during summer and help the environment in the process!

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Mark Twain

1. Water your lawn in the morning

Or use sprinklers at night. The trick is that midday sun is too strong, which leads to a lot of the water evaporating before your grass and garden can absorb it properly. Since they need a lot to survive, this could lead them to either not absorb enough or needing to be watered more frequently.

Turning on the sprinklers at night or during the early morning helps you make the most of it, as the cooler temperature allows for the soil to better absorb the water. By the time midday sun is up, your grass and plants will be hydrated for the day.

2. Take advantage of your dishwasher

A lot of people don’t know this, but dishwashers can be significantly more economic than washing dishes by hand – at least the ones that are Energy Star certified.

Turns out washing dishes with a running sink will waste about 25 gallons of water, while a countertop dishwasher uses only up to three gallons for about the same amount of dishes. It might even be worth investing in one if you currently only do it by hand or if yours is too old.

Keep in mind:

Dishwashers are only this effective when running full loads of dishes. They also consume energy, so the best way to save both energy and water is to only do full loads – a half load or less will not be as effective and might also waste water.

3. Use a bucket to wash your car

It’s no surprise that a hose will spend a lot of unnecessary water, especially if it’s left open for a long time while washing your car, which usually takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes – maybe more.

  • So first tip: contact a pro to install an automatic shut-off valve to prevent water from running while you’re not using it. This already helps a lot by reducing your water consumption.
  • My second tip is one that many homeowners are already familiar with: use a bucket with water and soap. Only use the hose to quickly get your car wet at the start of the wash and then to clean it afterwards, but keep it off otherwise.

An excellent way to save a lot of water is to opt for commercial car washes, but unfortunately that might be out of reach right now with the 2020 pandemic still being a concern. If you opt to wash your car yourself for now (which you probably should), follow the aforementioned tips to keep your bills on the low!

4. Place a rain barrel

Rain barrels are excellent for gardeners, but can also be used for general outdoor purposes. Rain water is completely free and not hard to gather, which means you’ll be able to use water that could otherwise runoff and go to waste.

A rain barrel will gather water from your roof, so it can be adapted from a gutter without much effort. Consider talking to a local gutter company to know more!


Most states allow their citizens to collect rainwater, but some have a few restrictions. Check your local regulations first. 

5. Don’t trim your grass too short

As a general rule of thumb, you should almost never use the lowest trim setting when cutting the grass. This makes it so your lawn needs more water to stay hydrated and green, which leads to you having to either water more often or use way more water than usual.

Do trim your grass, but not so short. Try the setting just below the highest and see how it looks – if you want a bit shorter, then try the second setting. This will allow your lawn to always be greener and need less watering during the summer, which saves you tons of time and money.

Don’t have the time to maintain your lawn? Then request a free quote for professional grass trimming and start enjoying the new season with your family! 


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