Fire pits are wonderful additions to your backyard landscape and provide warmth, light, and magic. Intimate gatherings with friends and family are always better around a fire pit. What better way to have fun than by roasting marshmallows and making s’mores? For a quick and simple way to build your own DIY fire pit, follow these easy instructions.

Step 1 - Preparation​

Your very own DIY fire pit for a backyard
A DIY fire pit is the perfect addition to any backyard. Source: Anchor Block

Before building your own fire pit, be sure to check the local laws, ordinances, and homeowners’ association guidelines to make sure firepits are permitted in your area. These laws are put in place to keep you, your neighbors, and your community safe. You could be charged with heavy fines for not adhering to the rules and laws.

Your first step is to choose the area you’d like to place your fire pit. It should be in an open area at least twenty feet away from any structures. The ground under the fire pit should be concrete, dirt, or pavers. Never put your fire pit directly on a wooden deck or patio. There are fireproof barriers available if you need to install your fire pit on your wooden deck. There should be no low-hanging tree limbs over the area, nor should there be anything else that can catch fire.

Step 2 - Materials

Outdoor fire pit construction the safe way
Step 1: Gather the materials needed for your DIY fire pit. Source: Devios

For a DIY fire pit, the materials are fairly inexpensive and easily found at your local hardware or home improvement store. For this project, you’ll need:

  • A steel fire bowl with lid
  • Paver blocks

As far as how many paver blocks you’ll need, that depends on the size of your steel fire pit bowl. You’ll need to measure the size of your fire pit and the size of the paver blocks you’d like to use. Remember to get enough to stack at least four layers of pavers to create a safe fire pit.

Step 3 - Put Down the Pavers

Concrete pavers around a fire pit
Step 2: Measure your DIY fire pit and start putting down pavers. Source: Do It Yourself

Put the lid of the fire pit down so you can put the pavers around it to get an accurate size of your finished fire pit. Lay down the first layer of pavers around the fire pit lid. Make sure they fit tightly together since mortar isn’t going to be used.

Step 4 - Put Down More Pavers

Cement patio pavers around the fire pit
Step 4: Continue putting down pavers until you reach the desired height. Source: HGTV

Put the second layer of pavers down, making sure to stagger them to create a strong barrier. Then put down the third and fourth layers, staggering them as well. Keep them fitted tightly together to make the pit as strong as possible.

Step 5 - Install the Fire Pit

Install the fire pit in your own backyard
Step 5: Place the steel bowl in the center of your DIY fire pit. Source: Checita

After you’ve put down your four layers of pavers, it’s time to finish the fire pit by placing the steel fire bowl in the center. Don’t attach the legs to the fire bowl as these will not fit in the fire pit. The lip of the fire bowl should rest comfortably on the edges of the fourth layer of pavers. Then put the fire pit grate in the bowl and the cover on top of the bowl.

Step 6 - Enjoy Your Fire Pit

Fully finished fire pit in your backyard
Step 6: Enjoy your brand new DIY fire pit! Source:Pavestone

Now with the cool weather upon us, you can still enjoy the wonders of being outside with your very own DIY fire pit. Your friends and family will love sitting around your stunning fire pit, keeping warm, and toasting marshmallows or telling spooky stories.

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