For most people, Christmas parties start even before the actual day. It’s a full week of buying gifts, cooking and driving to big family parties. This is a wonderful time to see the relatives you only get to see a couple times a year, and to spend quality time with family and friends. But how about taking a night to have a Christmas with just you and your partner? Start your own traditions and enjoy the romance and magic of Christmas!

Holy Night, Comfy Night!


An unforgettable Christmas doesn’t need a lot. A warm night sipping a Winter drink while watching a movie can be really wonderful and bonding. Choose a movie that will make you laugh together, go for a full marathon, Christmas movies, you name it. Sometimes after full weeks with holiday preparations it’s good to take time to truly relax and enjoy each other’s company.

DIY Flameless Fire Pit

Free People

Nothing cozier than hanging around the fireplace! If you don’t have one, this DIY project it’s safe for an apartment since it’s flameless. Have the look of a campfire in a easy way, bringing that feel of camping to your home.

PicNic Time


If you’re blessed with warm weather during Christmas or want to try this idea inside the house, it’s an absolutely surreal date idea. Candles, fairy lights can be used and light fabric to create the open tent. Combined with a picnic basket and the flameless DIY fire pit, an incredible Christmas is born.

A walk on the wild side


 Put on your heavy coats, gloves, hats and go for a walk together. Look at the holiday lights, enjoy a moment with nature taking a stroll at the park. Snow falling at night is such a romantic scenery and getting home to a dinner for two will be even more comfortable after being a little cold. Driving around neighborhoods you usually don’t get to see on your routine is also a good call, for many houses go big on the outdoor decoration part and it’s only there once a year.

Cherry on top

The Berry

Christmas dinners are often big reunions with an abundance of food. For a smaller dinner, team up to make the meal and have little treats, desserts for after dinner. Cherries, strawberries dipped in chocolate are quick and easy to make and are delicious sweets for the end of the night.

Tree Ornament


When shopping for a real Christmas tree, ask the handler to cut a slice of the end (they usually do that to make the tree shorter to fit your house). With a wood burning kit engrave your initials, the date and “our first christmas tree” or anything else you want. If you already have the tree, when going to dispose it ask a woodworker to cut the piece for you. It’s a cute way to keep the memory alive of your first tree!

Let it play

Messy Nessy Chic

Music can be inspiring in many ways. Remember to have your favorite records near by or even make a festive playlist with christmas carols. Have fun preparing the playlist during the week and also choosing albums together, creating your unique selection for a special night.

Rocking around the Christmas Tree

Yellow Bliss Road

Do you already have the tree decorated? Then leave at least one special ornament for the end. This can be that finishing touch of holiday cheer. Get an ornament, or two, that represent you both and can be used every year on. Around midnight put the ornaments on the tree. Small and simple moments like this become big memories and that’s what Christmas is all about. Not the gifts under the tree, but the memories you have with the people around it.

Some like it hot

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When it comes to candles, the options are endless but they all give that cozy vibe and make you feel more at home, not to mention the exotic scents. If you wanna put some sparkle near flammable decorations use LED candles. For other places, get creative with tea candles and build an ambience for a wonderful Christmas for two.

Hour to DIY


 One of the most fun parts of Christmas is decorating the house. You probably have the decor put up for a while, but make sure to add those unique touches, maybe even handmade. Many stores, like arts and crafts stores, sell clear glass ornaments. Decorate those with tridimensional paint, colored glue, glass paint, glitter and the classic sharpies. Creativity is more than welcome here.

The Dinner Table

Style Estate

 Usually the decoration of the table would be more important to you if there was a big list of people coming, but take time to decorate the table and make everything just as careful. Use ornaments, candles, flowers, nice napkins, cutlery and plate setting. Make it your way, even with decor pieces you already have at the house, or fresh colorful fruits.

Midwest Living

Delicious decor

Betty Crocker

Keeping a sense of humor is the key to many things. Set up some appetizers and healthy snacks in a tree shape, gingerbread man or reindeer. It’s fun, creative and delicious!

Creating a hideaway

Pottery Barn

Want to get away and simply enjoy the night together? Build a little hideaway in a porch, inside the house, or an outdoor movie space. Rearrange the furniture, create forts, tents, any spaces to relax and make it feel more safe and intimate. Christmas it’s a great time to celebrate the simple but great things in life, especially the people in it and the home you build with them.

Happy Holidays! 

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