Summer is here, and that means the temperature is rising. While this is great news for people who love to be outside, it’s bad news for pets that are outside in the heat all day. We know you love your pets and your pets love you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of “cool” tips to help you keep your pets safe in the summer heat.

Make Sure They Have Shade

Home exterior: If you have to leave your pets outside during the summer, make sure they have a shady spot to keep cool.
Make sure your pets have a cool place in the shade. Via Petco

Shade is, of course, the easiest way to keep heat at a bearable level. By building a stylish dog house with an attached overhang, you give your dog the option is being in the shade while still enjoying the breeze. This is also great for rain storms, as it gives your pup a place to stay dry until you get home to let him in the house.

Semi Permanent Shade

Landscape design: If you can't afford a dog house (or don't have the skills or tools to build one) you can easily make a tarp shelter to provide your pet with a shady spot.
If you can't afford a doghouse, make a semi-permanent home with a tarp shelter. Via Kayak Dave

Often used in camping and overnight hiking, the tarp shelter is a great option for cats, dogs, and even tortoises to keep shaded in your yard. This shelter also have the virtue of being easy to set up and take down, so you can move it around the yard as necessary. While the guide does say you need two trees to set this shelter up, you could just as easily use tall wooden stakes.

Cool Water

Drinking cool water will not only serve to refresh your pet, but will also help to bring its temperature down. Keeping water dishes in a spot that remains shady all day will help it to keep cool, even on very hot days. Leaving water in the sun, especially in metal bowls, will raise the temp of the water and also speed up evaporation. Your best bet is to use a non-metal bowl, keep water in the shade, and even add ice cubes to the water in the morning to help keep the water cool and refreshing.

Avoid Hot Surfaces

Home interior: A pet hammock is a great way to let your pet relax without
Invest in a pet hammock to give your pet some comfort without getting overheated. Via Homedit

Asphalt and concrete get incredibly warm in direct sunlight, which can be really bad for the paws of dogs and cats. Astroturf also gets very hot, which means you should avoid it with just as much diligence for the sake of your pet. To avoid injuring their sensitive feet walk them in grassy areas such as fields or even your own lawn. If at all possible, avoid setting your pet’s shelter on or near blacktop or concrete areas, opting instead for grass or even dirt surfaces. For the best way to avoid contact with hot surfaces, consider building a pet hammock. This will not only give your furry friend a place to lay down, but will also keep him cool by allowing air to circulate underneath him as well as above.

Avoid Overworking

Exterior swimming pool for dogs: Avoid making your pet exercise too much in the summer heat. If you do want to play with your pet, make sure you have a cool place for him or her to cool off.
Kiddie pools are an inexpensive way to give your pet a fun place to cool off. Via The Dodo

Dogs don't sweat like humans do, so it’s harder for their bodies to regulate temperature. One way to keep their temperature down is by limiting exercise on very hot days to the bare minimum, or only playing with them in an air conditioned space. If your dog does seem to be overly warm, fill up a kiddie pool with cool water and let him go for a swim. This will help to drop the body temp and will prevent heat stroke from taking effect.

If you’re worried about your pet in the summer heat, consider deploying some or all of these options to help them stay cool. They’ll be happier and healthier for it, meaning you’ll be happier that your fur baby is safe from the summer sun. If your pet enjoys any of these fixes, we’d love to see pictures. As always, we wish you and your fur babies a safe and happy summer.

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