Whether you're in the market for a new home or already have a house with an HVAC system, paying for an inspection is well worth the cost. A routine inspection reveals all of the issues with the system and lets you take care of them now before they become expensive repairs in the future. 

You should take a look at all of the reasons why an HVAC inspection is worth the cost.

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Cut Down on Energy Bills

The average price that you pay per month for electricity depends mostly on the size of your home and the products that you use, along with other factors. And since we use our HVAC systems constantly, a big reason why the bills keep rising is that the system needs some repairs. 

The cost of an air conditioner repair can range from less than $100 to a few hundred dollars. When you make that repair though, you'll notice an instant reduction in your monthly energy bills.

Improve Air Circulation

One of the biggest benefits of an HVAC system is that it circulates the air around your home. You'll notice that you feel just as comfortable in one room or on one floor as you do on another. 

However, when the system becomes faulty, it will not offer the air circulation that you need. You may find that the air feels stuffy and that certain rooms smell stale or musty. HVAC companies offer annual inspections that can determine what repairs you need for the system to circulate the air again.

Get Better Air Quality

Don't let the cost of an annual inspection cause you to put it off for a few months or even until next year. A big reason why this service is worth the cost is that it can greatly improve the air quality in your home. 

Poor air quality can make you feel nauseous or affect your breathing. It can also make your house smell odd and produce scents that you pick up as soon as you walk through the door. An HVAC tech can determine what your system needs and why your home's air quality is poor.

Keep Your Family Healthy

Have you noticed any family members with trouble breathing or with symptoms that they didn't have before? While you can run to the doctor and have a battery of tests done, you may want to take a look at your HVAC system, too.

A central air conditioner lets you set the temperature that you want and enjoy the cool air in every room. If the filter is dirty or broken, it won't remove the particles from the air. Everything from pet hair and dander to pollutants can move through the AC and around your home, making you and your family sick. An annual hvac inspection can keep your family healthy.

Maintain Your Warranty

When you buy an HVAC system, you get a warranty from the manufacturer that often lasts for 10 years or longer. The company that installed it will give you a warranty, too. If you want to make sure that you can file a warranty claim, you must have an inspection done every year. 

You should read through your contracts and look for the warranty information. This section should cover all of the things that you can and cannot do to keep your warranty in good standing.

Extend the Life of the System

While the HVAC inspection cost might seem high, it's less than it would cost to replace the whole system. Inspections usually start at around $200 and go up to $600 or more. It depends on the age of your system and the features that it has along with who made it. 

If you feel the need, you can even opt for a full inspection that includes a tune-up to save money. The tech will inspect the system for any problems and do some simple things such as test the air quality and replace the filter. Everything that the tech does will extend the life of your HVAC system.

Eliminate Expensive Repairs

Before you decide to put off an inspection, keep in mind that paying money to a tech inspector today can reduce the amount that you need to pay later on repairs. You may need to replace some of the ducts in your home or find parts that fit your old furnace. Though you can do some of the repairs yourself to save money, doing so may void your warranty. 

A furnace inspector can handle any of the repairs that your home needs and identify problems that you didn't know about to help you save money in the long run. 

Whether you think that you need furnace help or an air conditioner repair, schedule an inspection to see how the pros can help! 


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