We’re passionate about Disney movies, and about food, too! So we’ve decided to combine our two passions and find the best food scenes from some of our favorite Disney movies. Do you have any favorite Disney food scenes? We do! There are many famous food scenes from Disney movies, and some of them are so perfect, they can make us hungry! You and your kids are going to love these great Disney food scenes!

1. Tiana’s Beignets From The Princess and the Frog

Set in Jazz Age New Orleans, The Princess and the Frog introduces Tiana, a young African-American girl who dreams of owning her own restaurant. This is a kid-friendly recipe inspired by Tiana and the other characters in the film. In our five-frog rating system we give it a five!

Tiana's Beignets From The Princess and the Frog


If you can’t make it to New Orleans, you’ll have to make your own.

Get the recipe at Sugar and Charm.

2. Remy’s Ratatouille From Ratatouille

You saw Ratatouille, fell in love with Remy (though you still jumped a foot in the air when you saw a significantly less-charming rodent scamper across your path on the way home) and found yourself with a pressing craving, not for the heavy and too-often soggy traditional Provençal ratatouille, but that kaleidoscope of spiraled colors they served to the haughty and (spoiler!) soon-humbled restaurant critic.


So what about cooking a cartoon dish created by an imaginary rat? I may sound crazy but it is in fact delicious, seasonal, and an incredible cinch to make.


It may be a “peasant dish,” but it’s a delicious one.

Get the recipe at One Sweet Appetite.

3. The Cheese Soufflé From Beauty and the Beast


One such drool worthy dish was the flawlessly golden cheese soufflé Belle made in Beauty and The Beast. Here’s the recipe to baking that very yummy-looking soufflé in your own oven!


Prepared and served with flair.

Get the recipe at The Kitchy Kitchen.

4. The Empire Biscuits From Brave


If you saw Disney's Brave movie then I'm sure you remember how eager Merida's triplet brothers were to get their hands on these pastries. They are actually Scottish cookies called Empire Biscuits".


Like Merida’s triplet brothers, you won’t be able to resist these Scottish treats.

Get the recipe at Not Quite Nigella.

5. The Yellow Snow Cones From Monsters, Inc.


We have always liked Monster’s Inc. Such a good movie with some good and “scary” foods.

Lots of the “foods” were kinda inedible…for human consumption at least. But the edible food was all great. Guess what?

Yellow Snow Cones. It’s LEMON!


No, no, no, don’t worry. It’s lemon. …Seriously. Or in this case, limoncello.

Get the recipe at Cupcake Project.

13. The Magical Cookies From Alice in Wonderland


We have an obsession with Alice in Wonderland: all those kooky characters, the fanciful Wonderland, the ridiculous situations, the memorable quotes, the interesting symbolism, and all that crazy nonsense just appeal to us.

What makes Lewis Carroll's novel even more wonderful is the surplus of food references, from the Mad Hatter's Tea Party to the talk of pepper in soup with the Duchess to the bottle marked "DRINK ME," filled with a concoction tasting "of cherry-tart, custard, pine-apple, roast turkey, toffy, and hot buttered toast."

But the best is the scene in the original Disney cartoon where Alice finds the tempting "Eat Me" cookies (in the novel, it was actually an "Eat Me" cake), so what about we recreate those cookies in real life?


Will eating these make you magically grow? There’s only one way to find out!

Get the recipe at Diamonds for Dessert.

So what’s for dinner tonight? If you still haven’t found the answer among these Disney-inspired delicious meals and treats, find more on Buzzfeed.

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