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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Leather Couch in Eagle?

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Leather couch repair in Eagle is not like any typical repair job. It takes a lot of dedication and should be handled by professionals only. If left to be handled by a person with no knowledge about Eagle leather couch repair, it may cause permanent damage to the material. There are many ways that your leather couch can be damaged. It can undergo discoloration, acquire scratches, lose its texture, sustain holes and punctures. With the passing of time, leather couch can take on a lot of wear and tear and may need leather couch repair in Eagle. Leather is a sensitive material. It can soak up body oils. Fortunately, experienced professionals have developed repair methods that can reverse the effect of damage. Before the leather couch repair in Eagle begins, your couch will be meticulously cleaned. After the cleaning process is done, the damaged areas will then be abraded. This is done with a special abrasion surface and some gentle force. The point is to buff out some of the discoloring and to even out the area so that texture is restored. Once the damaged area of your leather couch has been treated, a special compound will be applied by the professionals to the damaged area. This compound acts a bit like a flexible but durable putty and seals out any scratches or punctures. As soon as it dries, the part is grazed again to smooth out the surface and then a dye that is color-matched to the rest of the couch is applied to the compound.

Fair price breakdown

The cost of leather couch repair in Eagle depends mainly on the extent of damage, materials and labor needed. Just by looking at the damage, you can easily determine whether the repair cost will be cheap or will be exceptionally expensive. Mild scratches, small holes, and punctures to the surface of the leather couch are considered to be minor damages. They are easy to fix and usually cost around $40 to $60. However, damages like deep cuts, large holes, burnt marks, and severe discoloration are deemed to be major damages that require lots of effort and time to be fixed. Sometimes, it may require reupholstering the leather fabric. This can prove to be a very expensive repair and should only be performed by a professional. These damages can cost you around $120 to $500 or more to be fixed.

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Leather couch repair in Eagle can be a bit costly as compared to other furniture repair. This is because leather is considered to be a high-quality material. It takes extra care and effort to fix it. That’s why only certified professionals are recommended to fix them. Depending on the grade of your leather, the Eagle leather couch repair cost may vary. On average, it has been estimated that most homeowners tend to pay around $120 to $600 for a leather couch repair in Eagle.

Ada County Leather Couch Repair FAQ

To avoid costly repairs and future damages, leather couches should be cleaned and maintained at least every 6 to 12 months.

In most cases, yes. However, there are kinds of leather like wax and oil leathers that should not be recolored. If you do not know what kind of leather your leather couch is made of, it is best to consult a professional about it. If it is ok to change the color of your leather couch, they will happily oblige.

Yes. The ink can be removed with some solutions. However, it might discolor the part on the couch that has been damaged by the ink.

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2021