Many homeowners stop at the staircase when it comes to remodeling the house. But your stairs and railings are just as much a part of the home as any kitchen, bathroom, or living room. Why not treat your staircase to a whole new look that is sure to impress guests and add some major home improvement appeal to your interior? Take a look at the article below for some unique ideas on innovative stair design.

Grand staircase that seriously catches some eyes
Grand staircase Pinterest 

Suspended Staircase

For a new modern look that may actually cause guests to gasp in surprise (especially if they absent mindedly descend down it), the suspended staircase is a marvel of new age architecture. It is completely safe, but looks so unlike the average staircases that we’re used to that it truly brings out a unique reaction in your friends and family members alike. A suspended staircase also has the added benefit of freeing up a lot of space in the room, not just for storage but for other uses as well. So go for a custom look with your stairs and rails and get this interesting model.

“What is a staircase, but a corridor improved by elevation?” -Catherine Gilbert Murdock
A suspended staircase can really make a statement
Hanging staircases from an inspirationist

Lit Up Staircase Design

Who says you can use lights around your railings? Use LED lights to light up the way along your staircase. Nothing adds more wonder and fascination to steps, no matter what style they might fall under. Not only do they look amazing, but are also a safety feature at night when you may groggily be attempting to climb the stairs. And there’s no limit to the amount of options and customization you can add to your staircase lighting. Consider the following ideas for your home stairs and railings:

  • Standard LEDs
  • IR trip light sensor
  • Track lighting
  • Color changing lights
  • Brightly colored lighting
  • Garland style lighting around the rails
  • Under-the-rails lighting
  • Steps that change color when used
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Striped runners
  • Rope lighting
  • LEDs under the steps
LED lighting for stairs and railings
Lit up stairs from instructables

The Staircase Closet

For the ultimate idea in space-saving design, may we present the staircase closet. Truly a marvel of modern home architecture, this closet idea truly embraces the notion of “waste not want not.” Meaning that the room under your stairs (that would normally go unused) becomes perfectly suited to provide individual closet space for each family member. This considerably frees up the family in terms of organization and time spent looking for articles of clothing. So optimize coordination and go with a staircase closet in your home.

Time and space saving staircase closet
Closet stairs tamne

Overall your stairs and railings are yours to customize.and climb to your heart’s content. The staircase is one of the few practical home passageways that can really be jazzed up in a variety of different methods. So go nuts and find out what works best in your homestead.

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