From bookshelves to bathrooms, the space under your stairs could be turned into almost any room you need it to be. No matter what style of house or stairs you have, there are ways to optimize that area to create a new space without adding on to your house. Utilizing a space that would otherwise be wasted potential helps keep your house clean and decluttered.

Bookshelves and Storage

Bookshelves under staircases for the ultimate space saving railings
Interior drawers hiding bookshelves under stairs

If you wish you had a bigger closet or more storage space, your stairs should be one of the first places to look at. The area under the stairs is a great spot for bookshelves, drawers, or even another pantry. It creates a clean, uncluttered way to store your belongings without packing your garage or existing closets.

Powder Rooms and Bathrooms

Having a bathroom on the main floor is a luxury some homes don’t include if the bedrooms are upstairs. While you may not be able to fit a full bathroom under your stairs, chances are you can fit a half bathroom or at least a toilet. Having a bathroom under the stairs is a fantastic amenity when entertaining guests or having children wash up after coming in from playing outside.

Home Offices

Much like turning a closet into a small office area, the space under your stairs can become a perfect, cozy office space for anyone to use. You can create a simple, clean office by putting a desk and chair there, or you can create an extravagant office by having custom shelves and a custom desk installed.

Dog Areas and Play Areas

While you may not want to put your bedroom under your stairs, the area could be used for dogs or children. Dogs have a natural "denning" instinct, meaning they prefer safe, enclosed spaces to relax in. Creating a small area for you four-legged friend under the stairs will keep him out of the way when guests come over and keep him safe from being stepped on. Children will also love the idea of having a play area they can call their own.

Living room staircase hides a pleasant surprise
Bar under the staircase

Wet Bars and Wine Racks

If you’ve always wanted a bar, but never thought to have the room for it, try putting on under the stairs. This works especially well if the stairs are near the kitchen or in the living room. Alternately, if your prefer wine to other spirits, you can easily install a wine rack to keep your collection on display and easy to access.

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