We’re already halfway through April, that time of the year we start wondering what’s happening with time and how come this year is going by so fast. Sometimes this may even make you feel overwhelmed and stuck on getting any home improvement projects started.

However, I’m here to calm you down and say:

There’s still A LOT of time for your projects in 2018! And also to show you some simple, quick ideas that can make your home better. Whether that’s making your home a smart home or simply updating your kitchen backsplash. Keep scrolling for more!

“Perfection is the child of time.” - Joseph Hall


Nest thermostats have everything!
Nest thermostats have everything! Image source: homeyou

Have you heard about Nest Thermostat yet? We mentioned it when we talked about converting your home into a smart home. It’s a perfect device that will make your life easier and your home prettier. That’s because aside from all the thermostat functions it performs, it also:

  • Integrates with Alexa (you know, the virtual assistant)
  • Comes in different colors

That way it’s easy to make your home comfortable at the right temperature, plus: it’s easy to find the right thermostat to blend in with your home decor.

Replace Windows

Energy-saving windows are the best choice for your home!
Energy-saving windows are the best choice for your home! Image source: Pamela Hope Designs

The good thing about this idea is that you can install new, beautiful windows and also try some DIY projects with old windows! Getting the new windows installed by professionals will avoid any possible mistakes along the way.

The main tip here is:

Make these new windows energy-saving! It’ll be good for your health (seeing that the natural light will help you be more productive and calmer) and also for the environment (since you’ll be keeping indoor lights off for longer and not using your heating and cooling system as much).

Stairway Embellishment

Make your stairway fancy with a simple decor.
Make your stairway fancy with a simple decor. Image source: Better Homes & Gardens

This idea won’t exactly make your home more practical, but it will make it stunning! You can choose whatever shape and style you wish, even add some color if you have more of a modern, eclectic home. This is the time to let creativity flow!

Light Dimmers

Dim the lights to create a special mood at home.
Dim the lights to create a special mood at home. Image source: Homesfeed

You know those times when you want a soothing, calm ambience to relax? Maybe a restaurant-like mood? Well, once you install light dimmers in your home, that’s what you’ll get! Unless you’re an electrician, you should hire a pro to do it. It can seem like a simple task, but you’re dealing with electricity and you need to know exactly what you’re doing. So I’ll say once again: leave it to the pros!

Update Backsplash

Make it quirky and unique, or simple and neutral.
Make it quirky and unique, or simple and neutral. Image source: UsefulDIY

If we’re talking about home improvement, we couldn’t leave out one of the most important rooms in the house. Yeah, that’s right: the kitchen! Of course, you can go with a project like replacing the light fixture, changing countertops, adding a kitchen island...there are many options to improve your kitchen.


Updating the backsplash is one of those simple tasks that make a huge difference. And I will tell you this too: there are a lot of gorgeous options that are easy to DIY!

What project will get your home improvement started? Get a quote for your ideas today!

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