Ready to get your house ready for 2018?
Ready to get your house ready for 2018? Source: Pexels 

The year 2017 was an interesting year for interior design. We had an abundance of fresh and exciting trends, such as all-things velvet, jewel tones, butterflies and insects motifs, and artisanal and faux finishes. The year that is in front of us will continue with some of these tendencies, but it will also bring a lot of new moments into our homes. If you want to be ahead of the trends instead of catching up to them, here are a few expert predictions about what will be hot in 2018.

Mandala-inspired decorations

Mandala, a ritual and spiritual symbol of Buddhism, is basically a geometrical pattern that represents the universe. Looking past the symbolism, into the form and aesthetics, we can see why Mandala is so attractive, both in the fashion and interior design departments. The year ahead will be full of Mandala-inspired wall art, pillow design or some other manifestation of this amazing form.

Mandala decor is a must!
Mandala decor is a must! Source: Pixabay

Focus on the ceiling

In the previous years, the ceiling was rarely in the center of attention, but now it is time to right that wrong. Just like floors came to have their moment with Persian rugs or faux fur, ceilings will now be treated with attention-grabbing paints, interesting moldings, plaster treatments, creative coffers and jaw-dropping light fixtures.

A big and beautiful light fixture can instantly update the room
A big and beautiful light fixture can instantly update the room! Source: Pexels

Cement craze

Who would have thought that something seemingly unattractive like cement could become one of the biggest trends for the year 2018? Yes, it is true. We’ll be seeing the presence of this material everywhere, ranging from countertops to entire walls covered with cement panels.

Leather furniture

Leather furniture popularity is something we associate with the mid ‘50s and early ‘60s. However, this trend is back, just not in the same measure as earlier. Instead of introducing an entire set of leather furnishing, now it is enough to have one striking piece, such as a comfortable 1 seater sofa.

Leather furniture will be all over 2018.
Leather furniture will be all over 2018. Source: Pixabay

Highly-saturated colors

Continuing where Pantone’s Greenery has left of, other vibrant colors will make their presence known in homes around the globe. So don’t be surprised to see bright yellows, blues, reds and pinks at your always-on-trend friend’s house.

Millennial pink treatment

Speaking of colors, one that was on the top of its game in the fashion world this year, has crawled its way into the interior design and made a stand that will last for the entire following year (at the least). If you are concerned about combining this bold shade, feel free to mix it up with berry – it will feel fresh, youthful, but not too overwhelming.

Dark wood is back in the game

Pale wood shades have been all the rage in the previous couple of years, especially due to the global obsession with Scandinavian design. Although the obsession is still going strong, dark wood is finally back in the game, because it brings a unique sense of elegance into every space. The moodiness of the dark element can be neutralized with bright lights, which will also create a strong contrast and fascinating luxury.

Dark wood is finally back!
Dark wood is finally back! Source: Pexels

The simplicity of metal

Clean lines and simple forms are one of the main premises of minimalism, a design trend that is here to stay. One of its characteristics is the use of metal for furniture and accessories, which adds a modern touch and shiny luxury to the interiors. While some shades of metal haven’t been in vogue for a while, rose gold, bras, and other warm metals are the perfect choice for the year to come.

Wood crafts

Pallet furniture has had its moment under the sun, and we all had some fun with DIY projects, but 2018 is the year when we let the furniture making to people who actually know what they are doing, so make room in your place for wood crafts and custom carpentry.

Derek B. Lotts is a writer and the Editor-in-Chief of Smooth Decorator, a site focused on home improvement and décor. Follow Derek on Twitter for more home design ideas.

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