Are you looking for real art in nature? Perhaps something that you can translate into your own backyard hardscape? Or are you interested in the art of stacking rocks? Here’s a look at James Brunt’s mandalas, which are beautiful works of art.

"Each person’s life is like a mandala – a vast, limitless circle. We stand in the center of our own circle, and everything we see, hear and think forms the mandala of our life."- Pema Chodron

Today’s Empires Are Tomorrow's Ashes

Beautiful works of art
Rock formations that only last a moment but are remembered for a lifetime. Source: This is Colossal

There’s something very beautiful about creating a surreal standing structure near a beach just to wash the waves crash over it and cause it to fall. It could be a simple zen garden, or a metaphor for civilization. But that’s what you get in the world of James Brunt - mandalas that represent not just a part of human culture, but perhaps all of human nature. Destined to rise and fall like the tide going in and out. Brunt’s works feature many similar traits.

  • Detailed patterns
  • Stacked rocks
  • Intricate designs
  • Shapes created from nature
  • Concentric circles
  • Spirals
  • Fractal-like inspirations

Tiny Structures in the Sand

All it takes is one little flick
Much like the Roman architecture of old. Source: This is Colossal

Much like the colessiums of old, the James Brunt book of ideas features many stone columns, destined to crumble. Some of the structures are designed in such a way where if you nudged the smallest piece, it would create a chain reaction that would affect the whole, very much like Dominoes.

Moreover, this fractal design makes the piece far more interesting to the human eye. You can begin to follow the structure from beginning to end and never miss a detail. Brunt’s native British landscape is the perfect canvas for these mandalas, not just for medium, but also historically. There are many Brits who consider themselves the descendants of the ancient Roman empire.

To Swing on the Spiral

Even spiraling leaves can look like a work of art
Look at the attention to color and detail. Source: Tiny Betty

Overthinking and overanalyzing can separate the body from the mind. After spending hours gathering and laying out leaves of just the right shade in just the right fractal design, perfection is only achieved for a moment before the wind simply blows it away, clearing the zen garden once again. James Brunt land art perfectly reflects the cycles of life and death. So just a moment can be worth a lifetime. Just be sure to snap a picture before you move on.

Castle in the Sky

All you need are some rocks and a lot of patience
The rocks only care about being rocks. It's a minimalist existence. Source: James Brunt

There’s something so intrinsically simple, yet fascinating in rocks so that they perfectly balanced. What is the difference between stacking rocks and building skyscrapers, aside from the sheer scope of the project? Certainly one takes an afternoon and the other takes a few years, but in the end everything returns to dust. Nothing lasts forever. And the oceans will turn every mighty cliff into sand. James Brunt rocks certainly carry the weight of this sediment’s sentiment.

Posing with a Temporary Masterpiece

An artist with his masterpiece
Posing with his latest work. Source: Organics

Here we see the man himself, posing in front of his newest creation. Truly, only a man with patience and a steady hand can craft such work. And moreover, the artist doesn’t stick around for long. He deliberately creates his art in an effort to have someone else discover it. Brunt prefers to leave the scene before anyone can ask him if he made it.

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