Are you one of the millions of people who vows to "get more organized" every holiday season? If so, you've probably been stumped by the same obstacles we have. Holiday season can be messy, but there are definitely ways to get through it without losing your mind.

This is a time of the year where you have to worry about your decoration, the family coming over, having gifts for everyone, organizing dinner, trips to the market (especially difficult now because of the pandemic), getting your home ready for winter... it's a lot! So, lesson number one: don't be hard on yourself. It's normal for things to get messy when you're juggling so much at once.

With that, let's jump into how to get organized. Below you will find ideas that range from seasonal tricks to keep your holiday decor in check, to useful organizing tips that you can use year-long.

“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." – Jimmy Dean

Create a Simple but Memorable Centerpiece

Christmas centerpieces can make powerful statements and help create just the right atmosphere at your holiday table. 

Here's a clever concept that many people have been using for decades: the three-piece. Keep the centerpiece simple and seasonal by using two small and one medium-sized decor pieces at the center. In the image above you can see white wooden trees, but you can also use this idea with pumpkins, flower vases, etc.

It helps to remember that Christmas decor ideas don't need to be complicated. Sometimes simple, minimalist concepts hit just the right note.

Keep Coats Under Control

Want to avoid coat proliferation during the cold months? Place a large coat rack near your front entryway. Use a free-standing version or add a row of wall hooks in the front hallway. When warm weather arrives, you can either remove the hooks or use them for book bags, purses, hats, umbrellas, or other seasonal items.

Invest in Storage Space

If you do the "yard decoration" ritual this time of year, all those lights, displays and stuffed Santas can eat up all your home's storage space in a New York minute. Make good use of underrated spaces, such as under the stairs or under the bed, to store seasonal items. 

Tip: a local carpenter can even build a nice set of drawers and cabinets in awkward spaces around the house, just like in the picture above.

Learn the "Clear Bin" Secret

Clear bins will help you save time by showing where your things are. Source: Just a Girl and Her Blog
Clear bins will help you save time by showing where your things are. Source: Just a Girl and Her Blog

People always call clever ideas the "greatest thing since sliced bread." A close second to all those symmetrically divided loaves is one of the coolest inventions of the past century, the clear plastic storage bin. 

Start with a few for storing all your holiday-specific goods. Label every bin as a backup because you won't always be able to see what's what in a dark closet, attic, or basement. Even so, clear plastic bins are an inexpensive, easy way to organize your home any time of the year.

Designate One Closet as "Holiday Only"

Keeping everything in one place will save you time. Source: The Home Edit
Keeping everything in one place will save you time. Source: The Home Edit

Make one of your home's closets the official "holiday" store room. Use a couple stacked plastic drawers for wrapping paper, lights, ornaments, etc. Be sure to use a closet that's big enough for all your seasonal gear. If one won't do, use two closets or purchase a rolling unit you can keep in the garage or attic. The point is to have a central point for all the specialized inventory.

Avoid Wreath Wreckage

Trying to keep track of holiday wreaths can be like keeping 20 cats in a car. It's hard work. But an old trick makes the job easy. Simply collect all your wreaths into the living room or other area with a large floor. Then, put each one on its own hanger, using dry-cleaning bags as drapes. 

Store them in the back of your holiday closet or a cabinet you don’t use throughout the year. Next time you use them, they’ll be like new!

Stretch Your Holiday Decor Well Into January

Remove the red accents and add some white and you’re good to go! Source: HGTV
Remove the red accents and add some white and you’re good to go! Source: HGTV

When December is over, don't feel as if you have to say goodbye to all those great holiday decoration ideas. For example, consider hanging on to the centerpiece and a few other touches until mid-January arrives and the theme makes a total change-over. You can do the same with door wreaths, too. That way, your living and dining spaces are always alive with a holiday-based theme.

Winterize the Medicine Cabinet

This idea is more about practicality and safety than anything else. People often use Daylight Savings Time as a reminder to replace smoke-detector batteries. Consider using the days between Christmas and New Year’s to do an annual clean-out of medicine cabinets.

Dispose of all outdated prescription and non-prescription items, any meds that look or smell wrong, and products you will likely not have a need for in the next few months. It's always wise to keep your medicine cabinet updated, but setting at least one guaranteed time for the chore can up your home's safety quotient.

Taking time to organize, plan, and get in touch with your inner creative spirit during the holidays can make every year-end event special. From Christmas table decor to New Year's Day meal planning, everything's possible when you approach the season with an open mind and a sense of experimentation.

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