There’s no better way to start the New Year than by deep cleaning your home. It’s a process that feels physical and spiritual, resulting in a cleaner home and cleansing your soul in the process. 

However, this is a busy time for everyone, so what are the most important steps to get right on your deep cleaning for the new year? That’s exactly what we’re taking a look at today. 

And it’s important to note: there is a lot to go through when it comes to deep cleaning tips, so keep in mind this is a condensed version of all the work that goes into deep cleaning. We’ll go through the most important topics and a few useful tips that you can do on your own!

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice." – Anton Chekhov


Unclog your shower head. It can compromise water flow and even toast your shower head entirely if the water is not coming out properly. An easy way to unclog it is by using a DIY mixture made of one cup of vinegar and ⅓ cup of baking soda. Add this to a plastic bag and wrap it around the entire shower head, letting it simmer there for one night.

Clean the toilet. Throw some toilet cleaner inside and let it soak while you spray the exterior with any all-purpose disinfectant and clean with a sponge. By the time this is done, you can finish the interior with a toilet brush.

Grout. You can create a DIY grout cleaner with the following ingredients: 

  • ½ cup of baking soda
  • ¼ cup of vinegar
  • ⅓ cup of lemon juice
  • 3 cups of water

Put the mixture on a spray bottle and spray liberally over the grout you want to clean. Let it sit for a couple minutes and scrub with an old toothbrush.

Clean the mirror. For the bathroom mirror it’s even easier a mixture of vinegar and water will do the trick. Spray it and wipe with a soft cleaning cloth.


Cutting board. The cutting board should see a lot of action this holiday season, and the plastic ones tend to get stained quite easily. To get rid of these stains, simply rub half a lemon over it the acidity should help remove the stain.

Sanitize garbage cans. An all-purpose cleaner can be used for this, but you can also create your own DIY mixture with ½ cup of dish soap, 4 cups of vinegar, and a cup of water. Use a bottle spray to apply your preferred cleaner and scrub with a toilet brush for an easier time. Then rinse to finish the job.

Oven and microwave. For the microwave, it’s super simple: add water and fresh lemon juice to a bowl and turn on the microwave for approx. 5 minutes (or until the water steams the inside of the microwave). Turn it off and wait a few minutes before handling the bowl, then clean the inside of your appliances with a sponge.

For the oven, it takes a few extra steps. Remove the grates and apply either a store-bought oven cleaner or a mixture of baking soda, water and vinegar though this DIY oven cleaner paste works better if you let it sit overnight.

After spraying the inside part of the oven, let it sit for 20 minutes or so while you take the racks somewhere with space and spray them as well. Let them soak for the same amount of time.

Return to the oven and wipe everything clean with a damp cloth. Once you’re done, do the same with the racks now that 20 minutes should have passed. Voilá!

Sink. You’re probably using the sink a lot during this time, so you have to add it to your New Year’s deep cleaning list. No secret here just use water and dish soap, always pushing any grime directly into the sink. If your sink is particularly grimy, first sprinkle it with some baking soda and then follow with water and soap.

Living room

Clean carpet. The best way to quickly clean your living room carpet is by vacuuming it, but if you want a proper deep clean I highly recommend talking to a carpet cleaning pro to save you tons of time and make it look brand new once again.

Furniture and upholstery. Pretty basic deal here, though it could take you some time depending on how much furniture you have. For upholstery, vacuum cushions (especially those little crevices) to make sure all dust and possible food debris are dealt with. For plastic or other hard furniture, damp cloths are perfect for removing dust.

Check our guide on upholstery cleaning to learn more!

For couches, don’t forget to also vacuum behind and under them, since a lot of dust can settle in those spots.


Mattress refresh. Our mattresses don’t see a lot of fresh air a lot of the time. An easy way to give a refresh without having to move it is by sprinkling some baking soda generously over it, letting it sit for an hour, and vacuuming the powder. It helps in absorbing some humidity and lets your mattress “breath for lack of a better term.

Flip your mattress. Flipping the mattress is always a good idea every few months anyway, but when you do, repeat the same process described above for the best results!

Clean under the bed and above the closet. It may seem unnecessary, but these places gather a lot of dust and may be encouraging allergies and asthma.

No time for the deep cleaning your home needs? Get free quotes today from professional house cleaners and save yourself a lot of time and hassle!


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