Kitchen remodelings aren’t only about making it bigger and more beautiful, it’s also about utility. The kitchen is a room where you need, above all things, comfort and practicality. Therefore, matching the island exactly to your family’s needs is a smart shot. 

When deciding to have a kitchen island design with space for seating, the most important decision you need to make is the number of sides it would have. That’s something your family’s needs would certainly be an aspect to be considered, so you make the most comfortable and convenient choice.

Check out below some kitchen island ideas and how you can suit it to your family’s needs:


Adding seats to your kitchen island is a great idea which makes the furniture even more helpful than it already is. The one-side seating island is probably the most popular among homeowners, where only one side of the island is occupied by stools.

This model of seating is recommended for moments of quick meals or if your family is very small. Depending on the size of the island, this is perfect for a maximum of around three or four family members. 


The two-side seating kitchen island, due to its expense of space, is able to seat more than just three people, allowing you to keep some guests around in the kitchen or even just the family. Knowing that, there are two types of two-side seating islands: 

Adjacent Sides

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

An adjacent two-side seating island is where the stools are able to be on two of its sides and adjacent to each other. This type of seating works best when the island is bigger and in a square shape. 

Opposite Sides

The opposite two-side seating island is also occupied with stools on two of its sides, but instead of side to side, the stools are opposite one another. This style is more recommended for thin and long kitchens but can turn out to be great in other kitchen types and sizes as well. 


Generally, a three-side seating kitchen island would better fit a large kitchen, but it’s not always a rule to be followed. A three-side island certainly allows you to have more seating space, so if you have a big family or usually receive guests at home, it may be a great option for you to opt for.

Family Size

Source: Piconweb
Source: Piconweb

This type of island would certainly need a large kitchen, so everything around doesn’t become squeezed due to its size. This is also an option if you’re not interested in having any dining room or a proper dinner table, then you can save money and time with a four-side seating kitchen island or one with a breakfast nook.

On the other hand, this island type would certainly remove some possibility of storage space, a common feature of kitchen islands, but you may have extra space for meal preparation and cooking.

Don’t forget to create space for legs and knees below the island, specifically where the seatings will be put on. This is important to keep in mind before going for kitchen island installation.


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