A galley kitchen offers incredible versatility and can be a great choice for people who are limited when it comes to space. But just like any other kitchen, galley kitchens too may need some remodeling now and then. 

There are many great ideas you can explore to give your space that fresh new update. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen remodeling budget is tight. There will always be ways to get this right without having to break the bank. 

Source: House and Garden
Source: House and Garden

Choose the Right Paint 

Color is everything when you are doing a kitchen renovation. A lot of people prefer to use a single shade for everything in the kitchen but this is not advised when dealing with a galley kitchen. 

In fact, it would always be best to add a combination of bold and bright colors. For example, you can use a light hunter green on the walls and accentuate everything with bright orange cabinets of your choice. This balance of neutral and bright colors will give the kitchen life.

Don’t Forget the Faucets, Handles & Pulls

The faucets, handles, and pulls are typically ignored when doing kitchen remodeling. Do not make this mistake. They act as essential accessories that can help bring all aspects of your decor together. They must be considered when you are planning the remodel. 

As a golden rule, consider using metallic finishes for the best results. This may include stainless steel finishes with a glossy coating or brass-based designs. 

Either way, their appearance will play a key role in transforming your galley kitchen for the better.

Source: House and Garden
Source: House and Garden

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Since space is often limited in a galley kitchen, you need to lay out how the cabinets should look before you start the remodeling. As a rule, open kitchen cabinet designs are typically used in galley kitchens. 

This will help you make good use of all that vertical space in there with ease. In addition to this, the use of open shelves and cabinets can help keep the cost to remodel the kitchen a bit lower. But if you are going to use closed cabinets, ensure you compact them.

Source: House Beautiful
Source: House Beautiful

Consider the Lighting 

Lighting is crucial in a small kitchen. However, you don’t want to make the lighting too bright. Some ambiance may be needed to give your kitchen that cozy and beautiful look. 

Hanging lights with various degrees of brightness are often recommended here. They will deliver a galley kitchen makeover that you will absolutely like.

Source: HGTV
Source: HGTV

Choose the Backsplash 

A kitchen renovation cannot be completed without a top-quality backsplash. Take your time and choose an option that will ultimately complement the rest of the decor. However, this of course mostly depends on your budget. 

While there are many luxurious options to enjoy, if you don't have a lot of money, you can choose practical and cheaper backsplash designs as well, such as tiling. It's all down to you, just make sure to pick high-quality materials, doesn’t matter the style you’re going for.

Kickstart your kitchen remodeling project by talking to a local pro and solving all your doubts before requesting a quote! 


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