Depending on what time of the year it is, you’re going to need one of two things: either landscaping services to keep your lawns healthy and happy, or the occasional snow removal service so that you can get out of your own driveway.

Fortunately, many landscaping companies convert to snow plows during the winter, so it’s entirely possible (and usually preferable) to keep one organization all year round. So here’s our take on why it’s important to have landscaping and snow removal services, especially when transitioning from fall to winter.

”Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” - John Ruskin

Transitioning to Fall

Landscapers that do plow work can be your best friend
Maintaining the yard, no matter if it has grass, leaves, or snow on it. Source: The Grass Outlet

The main benefit for homeowners is that when a landscaper transitions into a residential snow removal business for the winter, you can keep in touch with the same people and be dug out in no time. Not only is this economically beneficial, but you don’t have to deal with multiple companies for different services.

Having one year round professional team can be quite advantageous. Plus, it keeps the contacts list in your phone more organized. Landscaping companies can also do the following to make sure the transition between seasons goes smoothly:

  • Winterize home
  • Rake leaves
  • Clean trimmings
  • Turn off exterior water valves
  • Cut bushes for winter
  • Aerate trees for the winter
  • Plant bulbs
  • Remove dead wood/dead plants

Make Sure Your House is Safe and Ready

Snow removal services are important when you're snowed in
We've all had snow piles like this before. Source: Denver Post

Moreover, the same people who have been maintaining your home in the fall will be shoveling you out in the winter. So they’ll know the pitches and hills of your yard, where your driveway begins/ends, and perhaps most importantly, your home address. So they know where you live and what your yard looks like. In turn, they’ll have an easier time servicing your home. This is why it’s important to know how to get snow removal contracts from your landscaping company. The convenience translates to a safer winter for you and your family.

Importance of Picking a Landscaping Company Ahead of Time

Green hedges will soon be covered in snow
Get a landscaping company who can do both. Source: Huffin

Let’s cut to the heart of the article: having an experienced landscaper who also owns a snow plow means that you’re more secure when bad weather hits. Landscapers who have the right tools for the job also have the proper equipment needed for snow removal business.

So when you choose a company ahead of time, they’re already geared to go once snowfall starts. This makes it easier on everybody, and you as a homeowner can rest a little better, knowing that someone properly equipped can dig you out in case of an emergency, and the company providing the service has a definite repeat client all year round.

Importance of Picking a Snow Removal Company

With all that being said, also make sure that your landscaper’s snow plowing prices are reasonable. If they’re not comparable to other removal services in your area, it can be economically sound to simply go with a residential snow removal business. The bottom line basically comes down to if you want a fiscal approach or a safer, more guaranteed one when it comes to getting plowed out.

Companies Who Do Both

In the end you'll thank yourself
Even when the snow falls, you too can have a beautiful yard. Source: HGTV

Most companies will do a season contract so they get to know the homeowner’s house. Again, this is important when you’ve been snowed in and need help. Otherwise, for the other three quarters of the year it’s just lawn maintenance as usual. This dual action can be very practical so when the snow falls and they have to plow, they know places they can’t hit, and also they come to take care of fallen debris, branches, and leaves.

You’re going to want great landscaping service for your home. Because did you know the costs change based on where you live? For example, in Shawnee, KS it can cost an average of $1,439 while in Boston, MA, it can cost an average of $1,603. Want to get a more accurate estimate for free? Get in touch with a homeyou pro near you!

Establishing a Relationship

Overall, it’s important to establish a working relationship with a dependable contractor. Contractors are busy people, so  when you find a good contractor, be sure to keep their number in your phone. It makes it easier on everyone and might really help you out one day.

Need some landscaping done professionally? Or maybe some snow removal as well? Get in touch with a pro for more info!

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