So many things to do, so little time! Thanksgiving is just a few days away and we all want it to be memorable. Choose any of these super quick and beautiful decorations and recipes that will create an amazing thanksgiving in just a few minutes, so you have more time to relax and enjoy the day with your loved ones.

Almost Makes Perfect

Make it Ahead

The most you can cook ahead of time, the better. On Thanksgiving day it’s usually a little chaotic, so between talking relatives and managing the dishes, have at least some of them already in your fridge. A good gravy makes all the difference, cook your traditional family recipe or make up your own, and store it for dinner time.

Mom Advice

Leaf Wreath

This wreath takes just a few minutes and will make your guests feel welcome right at your door. Leaf garlands and wires are easy to find in craft stores. Wrap it on the wire in circular shape and make it as full as you want.

Uncommon Designs Online

Gold Pine Cones

A simple garland with real pine cones will add some shine and rustic touch to your dinner room and table. For a more realistic effect use gold leaves, but a gold spray paint looks as pretty and will save you a lot of time.

The Sweetest Occasion

Rosemary Name Cards

Chic, rustic and with that subtle delicious rosemary smell. Put a little twig through a hole punched on the name card and place it on top of a cloth napkin or plate.


Golden Leaf

A DIY that looks expensive but will just cost you a spray can. Collect Fall leaves and paint them with a silver or gold spray (be careful to let it air out to dry, since the smell can be pretty strong). Write names with a Sharpie or quotes and good wishes.

Pottery Barn Kids

Last Minute Side Dishes

A pomegranate, greens, feta and nuts salad looks colorful, fresh and rich. Have all the ingredients chopped and stored in small containers, like the crumbled cheese, crushed nuts, rice, greens, pomegranate seeds. That way you’ll only need to get a bowl and put them all together. Also, it’s always good to be prepared by including a vegan/vegetarian dish on your menu, and also healthy choices for a good balance.


Pine Cone

Cute pine cones with painted edges and a name tag to mark seats. If you don’t have time to collect the pine cones from the floor, buy a bag at arts and crafts stores. For an even more special DIY, grab pine cones from different places and ask your family to bring pine cones from where they live. Get the kids busy on Thanksgiving painting the pine cones everybody gathered (the acrylic paint dries quickly and it will be ready by dinner time, for sure).


Thankful for You

Show your guests how much you appreciate their presence with a little message on their napkin wrap. Print all of them on a bigger sheet of paper and cut into strips for the placement cards. A thoughtful detail such as this seems small but makes a positive impression and contributes for a more friendly vibe.


Pecan Pie Shooters

It’s all about presentation. Buy a pecan pie already made and transform them into cute portions for a sweet way to greet your guests at the door. This is especially good if you’re gonna have lots of kids in the house, since the portions are small and you can prepare multiple shooters with different pies. Just remember to use plastic cups instead of glass for the safety of the little ones.

Glitter Inc

Easiest Table Decor

Small pumpkins are still easy to find at grocery stores, farm stands, and having them around even undecorated already looks nice. Place some of them on the table aside jars with candles and your decor is ready nearly effortlessly.

Creative Cain Cabin

Do it Under 10 Minutes

For those who are not very fond of glitter or the flashy holiday decorations, an arrangement with green leaves, apples and candles can be incredibly pretty and festive without looking artificial. The best thing is that you can get the twigs and more in your own backyard, or ask those guests who have trees at home to bring you some. This way you’ll include your guests more and have unique center pieces at the same time.

Julie Blanner

Let there be Light

Candles are amazing to set a mood and make the place more comfortable and inviting. A vase keeps the candle from being blown and it’s an opportunity to add some style. Put nuts, coffee beans, candy corn, or any other filling you’d like to use for your decor.

Julie Blanner

Inviting Scent

Imagine entering a house and already smelling freshly baked pie, spices and feeling that warmth from a fireplace. This can be achieved easily with a simmer pot. Add all ingredients you want, like apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, cranberries, lime, and let it simmer for a couple hours. After done, leave the pot open or divide in smaller ones, pour over potpourri, or even heat up a little bit before your guests start arriving.

Rachel Schultz

The care you’re having to cook, tidy the house, decorate, it’s a way to show how you care, so organize your time and plan ahead to make it easier for yourself. Do now the things you can leave ready so you can relax and enjoy a stress-free Thanksgiving. 

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