“Halloween is an opportunity to be really creative.” - Judy Gold

Halloween is nearly here, and indoor halloween decorations are much needed. So why not create some last minute DIY stuff yourself? Not only will this make the home more frighteningly delightful this Halloween, it will also validate spending so much time on Pinterest. Read on to find out how you can create your own:

  • Pumpkin coolers
  • Mason Jar DIY
  • Painted pumpkins
  • Food as decor
  • Cut-out ghosts
  • Vases made from skulls

Pumpkin Ice Chest

The best way to enjoy cider is to have alcohol in it
A gourd cooler for drinks. Source: Buzzfeed

One of the most awesome ways to celebrate Halloween is to create a cooler from a hollowed out pumpkin! Bonus points if you stock it with pumpkin flavored beer. And when the party is over you can turn the cooler into a Jack-o’-lantern. Wouldn’t it be funny if whoever took the last beer fell victim to a Halloween prank?

But why stop there?

Fill that pumpkin with your favorite dip recipe for the party. Or make some soup and use a pumpkin as the serving bowl. Craft some pumpkin-laced pudding and make a spooky dessert. There’s no wrong way to use hollowed out gourds as outdoor halloween decorations.

Spooky Candles

Mason jars make for some of the best DIY projects
Mason Jar DIY for Halloween. Source: Cupcakes and Crinoline

If you’re a Mason jar lover, than this DIY project is for you. Simply take some white, yellow, and red balloons, cut them into strips, and place them over the jar for a candy corn effect. Afterwards you can either place a candle in the jar or turn it into one yourself, depending on your wax skills.

Painted Pumpkin

DIY Halloween projects for any occasion
Painting pumpkins can be an exciting adventure. Source: Good Housekeeping Ideas

Here’s a great one to do with the kids. Simply painting a pumpkin can be a fun Halloween activity enjoyed by all. Just be sure to use acrylic enamels to really show off your artwork. There are many different way to paint a pumpkin, as the gourd is just a canvas. Consider the following ideas:

  • Carnival
  • Faces
  • Spiderweb
  • Skulls
  • Your address
  • Home state
  • A baseball
  • “Boo”
  • Farm animals
  • Fall harvest
  • A raven
  • Other, smaller pumpkins

Adding Fall Produce

Lots of fruits, foods, and gourds!
A happy healthy way to decorate. Source: Paleoholic

By presenting your friends and family members with a cornucopia of fall produce, you’re embodying the friendly and giving spirit that is the harvest. Not only that, but it makes for great edible decor. Get into the season with foods relating to fall.

Gourd on...

The great thing about gourds is that they can serve as either food or as Halloween decor. There are several recipes that you can follow if you intend on eating your fall harvest, or you can simply have them cured for additional decorations. Once cured, gourds can be turned into a variety of items, from baskets, to instruments, or even salt shakers.

Floral Centerpiece Skull

The best way to honor the dead. By making little flower pots in model skulls.
Flower pot skull head. Source: Honestly yum

This can be a hit during Dia de los Muertos. Simply take a (preferably fake) skull and use it as a vase. Bonus points if you decorate the skull with paint and glitter.

Haunted House Silhouettes

A frighteningly good decor idea for your windows
Imagine seeing this at your next Halloween party! Source: Makezine

One of the most eye-catching Halloween decorations ideas you can come up with is making silhouettes to put in your windows. This provides memorable decor with a creepy atmosphere. The best part is you don’t actually have to buy anything with enough black construction paper on hand.

How much is that goblin in the window?

Because your canvas is the glass and your brush is construction paper, you can make nearly anything into a silhouette. With enough time and DIY effort, you can create a dark fantasy world right in your own living room and visible to the entire street. Consider making the following:

  • Witches
  • Ghosts
  • Ghouls
  • Goblins
  • Serial killers
  • Spiderwebs
  • Gigantic spiders
  • Tiny spiders
  • Frankenstein’s monster
  • Werewolves

Any Halloween tricks or treats you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more great tips and inspiration!

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