Halloween is the perfect holiday for creative food ideas - you will be seeing spooky faces on places you’d never expect them to be.

In fact, most of the time you’ll be eating them.

That’s just how Halloween works!

These recipes are bound to impress everyone at your Halloween party. They’ll see them, they’ll laugh, and of course, they’ll eat them. So put your witch’s hat - I mean chef’s hat - and start baking!

Ghost Bagel Pizza

A ghost bagel pizza to haunt your halloween party... with yumminess!
A ghost bagel pizza to haunt your halloween party... with yumminess! Source: Delish

Because pizza is literally the best ever - even in the afterlife.

And these bagel pizzas in particular are very easy and quick to make. Simply take:

  • how many bagels you need
  • the same amount of mozzarella slices
  • enough marinara to cover them
  • black olives (for the ghostly eyes)

Sounds good, doesn’t it? The recipe is right here!

Spider Deviled Eggs

Spiders never looked so delicious.
Spiders never looked so delicious. Source: Food

Spiders have never looked so attractive to eat.

What a weird sentence.

Well, anyway, you can see why these spiders work as a nice little snack that’s adorably Halloween-themed and perfectly bite-sized. And yes, you guessed right: super easy to make.

Graveyard Cake

HUUUUUUG MEEEEE! Source: A Dinner Love Story

A creative, yet straight-forward idea for a Halloween party cake!

In typical Halloween humor, you essentially stare at a buried person trying to get out of your cake before you eat him. Or who knows, maybe he just wants a hug.

Learn how to make it here!

Slime Juice

Some refreshing slime juice for a Halloween party!
Some refreshing slime juice for a Halloween party! Source: Parenting

A Halloween party needs some sweet drinks to please everyone, and what’s better than… green gooey slime that looks like zombie blood?


For this slime drink, you’ll need:

  • White grape juice
  • Apple juice
  • Food coloring (neon green)
  • Food coloring (neon blue)
  • Seltzer water
  • Light corn syrup
  • Gummy worms (optional)

For the complete measurements and directions, here’s the recipe for this refreshing beverage.

Ghostly Cupcakes

Ghostly cupcakes are a staple of Halloween parties!
Ghostly cupcakes are a staple of Halloween parties! Source: Food Network

After the bagel pizza ghosts to haunt your snack area, you’ll need some ghosts haunting your dessert area as well! You know, for balance.

If you already know how to make cupcakes it should be a piece of cake (no pun intended). Even if you don’t, just follow this recipe and everything will go perfectly! No one will boo these sweet treats (sorry, I’m not sorry for the pun).

Caramel Popcorn

The easiest recipe could also be the best!
The easiest recipe could also be the best! Source: My Recipes

Let’s say you don’t want to spook everyone with your creative ideas and just want a simple, straight-forward, no-nonsense little snack everyone can enjoy without the spooky faces and haunting props. Well, here’s the solution: sugar-and-spice caramel popcorn!

It’s popcorn, so you know it’s easy to make. Just add the special ingredients and BOO, you’re done!

Simmering Witch’s Potions

A nice witch's potion to lighten up the party!
A nice witch's potion to lighten up the party! Source: Our Best Bites

If witches really used potions, they probably didn’t look like this… but this is how they look in the movies and we’ve all wanted to try them out for that very reason.

Now you can!

With an easy recipe and careful handling of dry-ice, you can make your own edible potions for everyone to try!

Radioactive Drink

A little radioactivity to kick things up!
A little radioactivity to kick things up! Source: The Idea Room

Another potion idea, but this one with an elaborate look that includes a potion-like bottle and a printable stating exactly how radioactive the drink really is!

Of course, it’s totally not radioactive, and it’s totally delicious.

With this idea, whoever goes to your party can say they tried Uranium for the first time and SURVIVED. See for yourself!

Witch’s Broom

A two-second recipe for your Halloween party!
A two-second recipe for your Halloween party! Source: Couponing to Disney

A simple snack/dessert idea you can make in like two seconds and multiply by how many you’ll need.

First, insert a pretzel stick into an upside-down Reese’s cup…

Miranda blesses this recipe.
Miranda blesses this recipe. Source: Giphy

Boo-nilla Milkshakes

Your Halloween party needs scary milkshakes!
Your Halloween party needs scary milkshakes! Source: Lil Luna

No one can resist a good milkshake, and when it’s an adorable spooky ghost milkshake like this one…even better! The placement of the straw does make you wonder if ghosts have brains…for Halloween, I suppose they do!

Learn this awesome six-ingredient recipe here!

Happy Halloween!

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