Last minute mother's day gifts DIY

Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts to DIY are always a life-saver. If you have not found the perfect gift for your mom yet, do not worry! DIY gifts are a great option that can show your love and appreciation for her.

Personalized presents are way more appealing and intimate than purchased ones! Your mom absolutely deserves the time and effort you put into these thoughtful gifts!

From photos and self-care products to handwritten letters and homemade breakfast in bed, there are some easy last-minute DIY Mother's Day gifts that your mom will surely love. Check some other ideas out!

What to Gift on Mother's Day to DIY

If you are here, you are probably wondering how to make a quick and easy Mother's Day present. No need for panic, these cute and gracious ideas will complete the task of making your mother feel loved and valued in her day.

Take a look at the most thoughtful last-minute DIY Mother’s Day gifts and choose the one you most like. Depending on your time, you can even go for more than one idea from the list, she will be totally touched! Plus, spending Mother’s Day far away is not a problem: you can mail it!

1.  Personalized Photo Gift

Personalized photo gift

Create a personalized photo gift for your mom by printing her favorite family photos on a mug, canvas, or pillowcase. You can also make a photo album or scrapbook with memories of special moments that you have shared together.

With Mother’s Day pictures, she will gladly remember those memories and your affectionate gesture during her daily activities.

2.  Homemade Bath Products

Homemade bath bomb

Pamper your mom with some homemade bath products such as bath bombs, scrubs, or soaps. You can easily make them with natural ingredients like essential oils, baking soda, and coconut oil. Wrap them up in a pretty jar or container and tie them up with a ribbon.

You can even mix more than one option and create a spa kit. Your mother’s self-care moments will be significantly more pleasing when she remembers it was a kind gift from you!

3.  Hand-Painted Flower Pot

Hand painted flower pot

If your mom loves gardening, a hand-painted flower pot can be an excellent gift for her. You can buy a plain terracotta pot from a craft store and decorate it with some acrylic paints. Use your creativity and express all your love and gratitude for her!

Plus, add some potting soil and her favorite flowers to complete the gift. This is a fine DIY mom gift!

4.  Macrame Plant Holder

Macrame plant holder

If you have basic macrame abilities, you can craft a plant holder or hanger for your mother to add to her decoration. They are versatile features that come in different colors and sizes. Get creative and make your own!

This last-minute Mother's Day craft will make her garden or room look even cozier and more stylish!

5.  DIY Jewelry

DIY Jewelry

Create a unique and personalized piece of jewelry for your mom by using beads, wire, and other jewelry-making supplies. You can make a necklace, bracelet, or earrings that match her style and personality.

She will feel good as she wears the jewelry that makes her look stylish and remember you!

6.  Handwritten Letter

Handwritten Letter

Sometimes, the most heartwarming gift is a simple handwritten letter expressing your love and gratitude towards your mom. Share your favorite memories, quotes, and thoughts with her, and let her know how much she means to you.

Keep it in a beautiful handmade card to complement the gift and she will surely be moved by your appreciation and attention.

7.  Bedroom Service

Bedroom service

If you are really out of time and do not have the most skilled crafting abilities, a complete breakfast in bed is still a considerate gesture to make your mother feel as cherished as she deserves. Mix her favorite snacks and she will be pleased with that!

These last-minute Mother's Day gifts to make at home are quick, easy, and affordable options for you to surprise your mom! Just remember that the most important thing is to show your love and appreciation for her, no matter what you decide to give.

If you need any help with these last-minute Mother’s Day gifts to DIY, take a look at the services that our decorators and designers can offer. They are certainly creative and skilled enough to help you out in this mission!

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