With Mother’s Day on May 14th, everybody is planning some amazing surprises and emotional moments to share with their beloved mom. But if you live far away from yours, it’s no problem: you can still plan the ultimate Mother’s Day! Go beyond the simple phone call and plan something extra special for an amazing Mother’s Day with these creative and thoughtful ideas below!

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. -Abraham Lincoln

Tasty Surprise

If your mom is a foodie, this is the perfect idea!
If your mom is a foodie, this is the perfect idea! Source: Pinterest 

For a fun and special Mother’s Day, how about surprising her with a delicious cake or some pastries? You can call a local bakery and ask them to deliver her favorite cake, treats, or pastries to her address to show her how much you love and care for her, even far away.

Spa Time

Every mom deserves some pampering!
Every mom deserves some pampering! Source: Pinterest 

Moms work hard, and they deserve to have some time to themselves once in awhile. So how about you provide her with some pampering? Call a local spa and offer her a great, relaxing day by paying for a nice massage. You could also stretch that day by adding a yoga class, aromatherapy, a manicure, and anything else that would make her have an amazing and relaxing day.

Video Chat

Especially if you’re not the best at making time, it would mean a lot if you could give her an hour, or maybe more, just to talk. Facetime is a great option for those who use iPhone or Mac, while Skype is another easy option. Facebook also has it’s own chat tool, if your mom is on social media. But if your mom has a smartphone and a functioning Google account, there’s a good chance she will figure out how to answer your call if you initiate a Google Hangout.

Surprise Tickets

A surprise visit is the best gift a mom could ever get.
A surprise visit is the best gift a mom could ever get. Source: Live Worldly 

For a truly special and surprising Mother’s Day, how about you visit her? This simple act can transform the day and make it unforgettable. If you can’t, you can always invite her to come see you! Give her a plane ticket, with no date set, so she can come visit and maybe stay a few days with you. This way, you’ll be able to truly celebrate, have some time together and even create some new and unforgettable memories.

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Flower Surprise

Flowers go hand in hand with Mother's Day.
Flowers go hand in hand with Mother’s Day. Source: Project Nursery 

Nothing says Mother’s Day like flowers. Call a local flower shop that offers delivery service and choose a big and beautiful bouquet of your mom’s favorite flowers and send it to her address for a special and super emotional surprise! Some companies can even add gifts for Mother’s Day, such as chocolates, candies, champagne, fruits, or biscuits. And don’t forget to add a nice note (a little poetry is always nice!) and a photo.

Handwritten Letters

A handwritten letter speaks volumes.
A handwritten letter speaks volumes. Source: Daily Mail 

Instead of getting her a mass produced card, take a night to write a thoughtful handwritten letter to send her. Talk about all the things you like about her, about all the times she has helped you and stayed by your side, and how much you love her. A letter may sound simple, but don’t underestimate its power to touch a mother’s heart.

Watch a Movie Together

Is there a special movie the two of you love? Or a recent one she wanted to watch but never found the time? Make a date to watch it “together” on Sunday Afternoon. Keep your phone close or maybe even leave the computer video chatting by your side and synchronize your Play buttons. You can talk about the movie in real time and have an amazing time together!

Get Her a Thoughtful Gift

Plan a thoughtful gift and your mom will surely love it.
Plan a thoughtful gift and your mom will surely love it. Source: Pinterest

With so many online stores offering one or two-day shipping, there’s still plenty of time left to think of an amazing and thoughtful gift that you can order and ship to her address. Think about all the things she like, things that she may need or objects that you know she would have good use for. If you still can’t think of something, just ask her! Don’t be ashamed. You may be surprised with a simple answer that you can easily arrange and maybe even add more to it.

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Surprise Photo Album

A photo album filled with spontaneous pictures are sure to bring a smile to her face.
A photo album filled with spontaneous pictures are sure to bring a smile to her face. Source: Cool Mom Picks 

Moms love remembering good moments and memories, so why don’t you surprise her with an amazing photo album? It’s very easy to send pictures online and get it printed and delivered as a photo album. Research on a local website to where your mom lives, upload the pictures there, organize the album online as you like, and set up to print in her city. Pay it online and ask it to be delivered to her address or ask her to pick it up. She would definitely love the thoughtful gift!

Offer 365 love letters

Make her feel your love daily with 365 small notes! Recycle wrapping paper and old postcards and get ready for a few nights of scrapbooking and writing to make 365 small notes and reminders of how much you love her! Ask your kids to participate with drawings and catalogue these emotional tokens in a pretty box. This way, she’ll be able to be close to you every single day, even when you’re far away!

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