The main rule of throwing a last-minute party is:

Don’t overthink it!

You will want to keep everything as simple as possible.

First of all, choose to invite the most important people in your life instead of just inviting everyone you know. Then remember to have a self-serving station, with drinks and glasses all at hand so there’s no need for you to play the bartender pouring drinks for everyone but yourself all night.

More importantly:

Have a big clock, or prepare a televised countdown so everyone can do the countdown together! Aside from these tips, here are some more ideas you can take advantage for your last-minute party planning.

“What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year." - Vern McLellan

Have a Finger Food Serving Table

Finger food is the best option for a quick party planning.
Finger food is the best option for a quick party planning. Image source: Kirbie Cravings

Since New Year parties usually start later in the night - I’d say the perfect time to get this party started is around 9 or 10 pm -, you can save time and ideas on cooking a supper.


Find some easy and tasty finger foods and snacks and spread them around where the party will happen. It’s easier for you to prepare and it’s easier for the guests to take what they want.

Some easy and quick finger food ideas are:

Use Christmas Lights

Christmas lights can be repurposed.
Christmas lights can be repurposed. Image source: Lifestyle Space

Don’t put away your Christmas lights just yet, they can make a gorgeous decor if you place around the door edges, or on the ceiling. Around the windows is also a good choice! Pick whatever is easier for you to do at home and wherever there’s a outlet so you can plug the lights on.

Simple Decorations

Balloons make every decor stand out!
Balloons make every decor stand out! Image source: Party Delights Blog

Not only lights make your home look great and festive for New Year’s Eve, but you can also keep the whole decorating really simple.

A combination of balloons and confetti will already do the trick!

A balloon cascade hanging from the ceiling, some balloons hanging on the windows and around the tables, plus some confetti spread on the floor and on the tables. It’ll look amazing!

Of course, you won’t want to miss out on the champagne buckets - but those are more for drinking than for decorating, right?

More than that,

Have some party elements for extra fun!

Party props are fun and great for photo time!
Party props are fun and great for photo time! Image source: Hey, Let’s Make Stuff

Here are some ideas:

  • Party hats
  • Fake glasses
  • Noisemakers or horns
  • Confetti poppers (yes, more confetti!) so guests can throw at midnight
  • Maybe set a table for cards and board games
  • Have a drawing/painting station for the kids

Serve Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are welcome on a New Year's party table.
Fortune cookies are welcome on a New Year’s party table! Image source: Happiness is Homemade

You can get a pack of fortune cookies pretty much at any grocery store, then just decorate them with some chocolate dipping and colorful (or golden) sprinkles and they become a super festive way to celebrate New Year’s! Besides, what better way to start the year than with an inspiring message?

Move Your Furniture

Okay, you can have a big living room with all sorts of practical furniture working over there. But it’s still a good idea to move your furniture towards the wall. That will open the space so people can move easily and dance when there’s great music playing!

And talking about music, why not try a DIY DJ party? Here’s how it works:

DIY DJ Party

Welcome 2021 with this awesome companionship feeling! Image source: Creative Union Design
Welcome 2021 with this awesome companionship feeling! Image source: Creative Union Design

If you don’t feel like putting together a whole playlist for the night or you don’t want to simply press the “shuffle button, let each guest take their turn on picking the music. Depending on the number of guests, they can pick more or fewer songs, but it’s guaranteed that they will all feel included and have a blast!

Have a Champagne Stock!

Champagne is the countdown drink!
Champagne is the countdown drink! Image source: Elle Decor

Sure, it all depends on the number of guests your party has. Maybe you won’t even need a stock, but still, it’s good to have a few extra bottles in case there are any last-minute people showing up too. You never know!

Tip: Have plenty of ice and enough buckets to put all your champagne bottles.

Tip 2: Have an alcohol-free bubbly in case there are kids, pregnant women, or those who are driving home after the party!

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