Locksmith Services

There are a number of services that locksmiths can make available to you regarding locks, keys, cars, and safes (2). Locks have been around since before the biblical era and locksmithing as a profession is just as old (3). As such, here is a brief list of services that a locksmith may provide for you:

  • Lockout services

    Lockout services

    1. Car
    2. House
    3. Safe

  • Commercial locksmithing

    Commercial locksmithing

  • Residential locksmithing

    Residential locksmithing

  • Key duplication

    Key duplication

  • Lock installation

    Lock installation

  • Re-keying locks

    Re-keying locks

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Key Duplication

This is certainly one of the cheapest services available. Key duplication, also called "key copying" is literally the act of using a key cutter to make an identical key to the one you have. This is perfect for making extra keys to give to your loved ones or have a backup if you lock yourself out. A slight caution should be help on making too many, but there are ways to prevent unauthorized key duplication (4). Because this requires a machine, mobile locksmiths may not carry it in their truck. Possible places to have keys cut include:

  1. Hardware stores
  2. Home depot's
  3. Some Walmarts
  4. Locksmith locations
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Local Locksmith

Most homeowners prefer contractors who are close in proximity to keep potential costs down. The best locksmiths in your area are just a phone call away. A local locksmith does not mean a cheap locksmith. Furthermore, most websites base their staff via whomever is closest to you (5). So you'll be sure to get local service right away.

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Lock Installation

If you are in need of a door without a lock to be more secure, simply have a pro install one for you. This can be your average shed, bathroom, or just a room that didn't come with a lock on the door. In any case, a locksmith can happily install new ones for your house. It's a simple change that can bring about tremendous peace of mind (6). Alternatively if you're renting out your home, there are some laws in some states that require you to have a lock available for your tenant (7).

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Glass Doors

Sometimes locks break down. Particularly old locks or ones exposed to drastic changes in temperature can fail, become loose, or stop accepting keys entirely (8). When this is the case, call in to get lock repair for your home's doors. Possible reasons a lock could fail include:

  • Extreme heat/cold
  • Ice damage
  • Shock/impact
  • Tampering
  • Burglars
  • Lockpick
  • Faulty key
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Re-key your Locks

If you've ever had someone not give back a key to your home, like a tenant, roommate, or ex, it may be a big security risk to leave your locks as is (9). Anyone who still has a key to your home can potentially enter it again. So if this is the case, have a locksmith professionally rekey your home and have peace of mind.

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Car Locksmith

It happens to everyone, we all lock ourselves out of the car at some point. When this happens and you don't have access to AAA, a car locksmith is preferable. These pros can go out to your location and get those keys back into your hand. Auto locksmith services are the most reliable way to get back into your car.

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Car Key Replacement

When you lose your keys permanently, the only solution is to have new ones made to fit your car. Car key replacement can make models of your keys that work just as intended. Fortunately locksmith professionals can do this with many cars even if the key is missing. Some can even handle transponders.

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Locked Keys in Car

We've all been in this scenario or something similar. Something distracts you, a thought comes into your brain, or you blank out for a moment and suddenly your keys are still in the car and your car's running. When you've locked your keys in your car, call a locksmith for them to open the door and help you out.

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Commercial Locksmith

For businesses, offices, and large factories, it's essential to have a seasoned contractor handle all the locks in the building. This doesn't just make it more convenient to hand out keycards or manage employees, it's also a giant safety concern. Having a commercial locksmith is absolutely necessary to keep your place of business secure.

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Emergency Locksmith

Worst case scenario, you've locked yourself out of the house and it's extremely cold. Here's where you'll need emergency locksmith services to help you out. While there may be a fee involved, they're generally pretty affordable and well worth it (10).

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