Did you know that your old mascara wands can help save animals? Clear out your makeup drawer and instead of dumping them to the trash, clean them with water and soap and help save some animals in need!

Appalachian Wild Refuge — a nonprofit that coordinates the needs of wildlife rehabilitation in Western North Carolina — is collecting old mascara brushes, which is said to make a big impact for rescued animals.

Your old mascara wands make a big impact!
Your old mascara wands make a big impact! Source: Appalachian Wild/Instagram 

In a Facebook post written by Savannah Trantham, a home-based wildlife rehabilitator and Co-Founder of Appalachian Wild, she explains hows these simple, often forgotten tools can help animals in need. She stated that the mascara brushes are used to clean the animal's’ fur, helping rehabilitate rescued animals.

"Did you know something as simple as an old mascara wand can help wildlife?! We use mascara brushes to help remove fly eggs and larvae from the fur of animals. They work great because the bristles are so close together."
Did you know that your old mascara wands can help save animals in need
Did you know that your old mascara wands can help save animals in need? Source: Savannah Trantham/Facebook 

The post instantly became viral, reaching 60,000 shares and 16,000 likes since then. In a press release, Kimberly Brewsters, who coordinates outreach efforts, said:

“We are stunned at the outpouring of support. I was brought to tears by the messages thanking us for saving wild animals.”

With the thousands of shares and likes, the post brought high activity to the non-profit’s website, leading to the purchase of other needed items off the wish list. Appalachian Wild also recently reached a $43,000 goal for funding a wildlife triage building, which is now working to gather materials and volunteers to finish repairs and renovations.

Want to be a part of it and help save animals in need? Clean your old mascara brushes in hot, soapy water and mail the wands to:

Appalachian Wild

P.O. Box 1211

Skyland, NC 28776

The new facility is expected to treat over 2,000 animals within the first year of opening, so they can use all the mascara wands they can get! You can also help spread the word by using the hashtags #smallbrushbigimpact, #Brushthebugsaway and #AppalachianWild on social media.

Visit www.appalachianwild.org to learn more about the organization.

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