We all need some time to relax, but for most of us, it’s not easy finding a place for that. Most places we associate with something like work, chores, study, and it can be hard to truly disconnect from the world, even for a few minutes. This is why you should have your own meditation corner!

But how do we go about creating a meditation corner?

Luckily, it’s quite easy and in most cases, won’t even cost you anything. All we need to do is organize a corner or room with things you most likely already own – but you’re free to add to it as you see fit.

And although you can use an entire room as your meditation area, it’s fair to assume most people don’t have an extra room to spare. Which is why you can simply find and use a small corner!

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. - George Bernard Shaw

Be minimal

be minimal with your reading corner
The secret to a meditation corner is minimalist. Source: The Spruce

Minimal is the key to success here. After all, we’re talking about a small corner – you want it to remain self-contained and easy to manage.

This doesn’t mean you can’t decorate though, far from it. Feel free to add your own touches, just keep in mind the idea is a place with no distractions and mess-free, so the less you have to deal with when you’re there, the better!

Make it cozy

There’s no point in making a relaxing corner if it won’t be cozy. Get a nice futon, some throw pillows, perhaps a puff to sit on if you want to read a book – make it your kind of cozy!

Lay out a nice rug

lay out a nice rug in your reading corner
Lay out a nice rug for extra comfort! Source: What Is Perfection

The rug here is mostly a way to bring your corner “together. It’s a nice visual way to separate it from the rest of the room by creating a zone, and if you make it an extra fluffy rug, you get points for comfort which is what we’re looking for!


Don’t forget the outdoors! A lot of people prefer the outdoors as a more relaxing environment, so instead of setting up in a corner, you can set up to go! What we mean is: get a small rug or futon, take it outside and claim a little corner as your own.

A nice place under the shade of a tree in your backyard is a good place to start!

Soft and bright colors

soft and bright colors
Soft colors and brighter spaces work best for meditation. Source: Dig This Design

Opt for brighter and softer colors – shades of grey and plain white. Keeping the area itself well lit is also great, so a good idea for a relaxing corner is to make it beside a large window where you get lots of sunlight.

Depending on how much sunlight we’re talking about, a set of drapes can help you block any excess while still keeping it nice and bright.

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