Quick question: everyone here loves doing laundry, right?

*crickets chirping*

Really? No one at all? Yeah, me neither.

Let’s face it, doing the laundry is not the most exciting activity. It’s a chore, and chores are usually boring and time-consuming.

That’s why the topic for today is: how can we make laundry a little more fun and relaxing in our homes? After all, it’s one of the things we do every single day and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t make an effort to turn into something pleasant.

And surprisingly there are lots of ways to make that happen!

1. Barn doors

barn doors are beautiful and practical
Barn doors are beautiful and practical! Source: Decorpad

Using barn doors as an entrance to your laundry room is more than just eye candy, although it definitely works that way as well. It also creates a separation between the laundry area and other areas of the house. So you can keep it closed off when necessary, but even when open, it will still retain the beautiful rustic look the barn door provides.

Plus, eye candy goes a long way. Making an area of your home nice to look at certainly helps with your mood whenever you cross it!

2. More counter space

add more space with a counter
Add more space with a counter. Source: Vintage Revivals

Laundry rooms tend to be cramped, tight and annoying to organize due to a lack of room for… well, most things. Being a high traffic area you go to daily, even to get cleaning supplies for other tasks, it can get pretty crazy.

You can bypass the lack of room by creating more counter space. A simple setup like the one above already works, it gives a convenient place to drop clothing you’re currently taking off the machine or putting inside it (and help when you’re separating the whites or delicates).

3. Label stuff!

add labels to baskets to keep things organized
Add labels to baskets to keep things organized. Source: Crazy Together

As mentioned before, laundry areas can get disorganized quickly and with little effort. As neat and tidy as it is, you walk in there with some clothing and before you notice, it’s all gone crazy again – it just happens.

To keep things in order, you can purchase a few baskets and label them for what you need, anything from towel storage to cleaning supplies. It will make it much easier to handle and maintain, because you’ll always have a visual cue of where to put things. Plus, it looks really nice!

4. Open shelves

open shelves are practical and beautiful
Open shelves are practical and easy to organize. Source: renoguide

This laundry room idea goes hand-in-hand with the one we just mentioned – invest in open shelves! It makes it handy to organize basket with your things, and it doesn’t involve having to open doors to look for what you need because it’s all there in front of you.

With a nice set of matching baskets all labelled, it’s Instagram worthy!

5. DIY drying rack

DIY drying rack
A drying rack is easy to install and very useful. Source: Sammy on State

A simple DIY rack such as this is very easy to make – some can even be purchased, if you find a model that pleases you. The idea is having one in the laundry area with a few hangers so you can dry particular pieces of clothing that are more sensitive or should be hung a particular way (like social wares).

As a bonus, they stay inside the house for easy access. If it’s raining but you need to at least dry a few pieces of clothing for the next day, this will do the trick – and it takes almost zero space in your laundry area.

And there you go!

Maybe doing the laundry isn’t the most fun activity, but we hope your laundry room is now more convenient and easy to use for your everyday chores!

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