Home decoration is one of the most fun activities you can indulge in, but if you want your final results to actually look nice, there are a few basic mistakes you might want to avoid. These tips are easy to remember and should already help you a great deal in decorating any room.

At the heart of decoration is simply having fun. Feel free to experiment and try new things, since you can always switch it up when you feel like it – but hopefully with these decorating mistakes to avoid, you will find a result you really love!

Mistake #1: Using too many colors

Using colors is highly encouraged because the lack of them can make your room feel sterile and lifeless. But when using colors, it’s better to stick to a theme or palette, otherwise it might look messy.

One way to add color combinations without spending much is to focus on combining smaller elements with the big ones you already own. For example, you’re probably not into buying a new couch right now, so start with your couch color and pick others that go well with it. Then, use that on pillows, rugs, artwork, or even curtains – things that are much cheaper to replace.

Mistake #2: Using too many individual items

Decorative items are fun, and I find it difficult to enter a store without at least looking at a few and thinking about how they would look on the shelf… but some restraint goes a long way for your home decor.

It’s fine to display your favorite trinkets and decorative pieces on center tables and shelves, but try to only use a few at a time. You can always rotate them every now and then, but we don’t want your rooms to look messy and cluttered.

Mistake #3: Underestimating your curtains

Your curtains have a way bigger impact on the overall decor than you think. And sure, they can have a color and tone that makes them sit quietly in the background, barely noticeable as other elements take center stage, but they can easily overwhelm your decoration efforts if they’re not chosen carefully.

Curtains are large elements. You walk into a room and they take a huge portion of your line of sight immediately, which means they should agree with the rest of your home decoration!

Mistake #4: Pushing furniture up against the wall

It’s a common misconception that furniture should always be pushed against the wall, but not so. If you do that, you will notice that your room will quickly feel cramped, with no space to maneuver all your items, but at the same time, empty in the middle.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with furniture placement – allowing your walls to breathe can give your room a much more spacious look without really changing anything.

Mistake #5: Forgetting about good lighting

There’s no point in decorating everything if your lighting isn’t up to par. Be sure to use your windows and lights to illuminate the room appropriately!

Besides, lighting can also be a part of the decoration. Light fixtures, desk lamps, standing lamps, candles – all of these can be decorative elements by themselves.

Mistake #6: Not focusing on a style

This goes in the same vein as mistake #1, but it’s a bit more specific than that. You’ve probably heard of many different styles of decoration floating around, such as minimalism, maximalism, pastel, cottage, farmhouse, glam, country, etc. There are plenty to choose from.

You don’t have to commit one hundred percent to one of these styles, but it’s a good idea to at least find one that appeals to you and try to stick with it for the sake of maintaining consistency in your efforts.

Mistake #7: Stressing too much over minimalism

Minimalism is great. We all love minimalism. It’s clean, organized, modern, and uses very few elements and colors to great effect…

Which is why it can be so difficult to pull off.

The thing is, minimalism is great in theory. It’s great to look at, but it’s not very practical. If you see these beautiful pictures of a minimal living room or bedroom, you can go for something similar, but keep in mind that in practice it’s going to be different. Minimalism is hard to maintain and it can look quite boring unless you’re working with an interior designer that truly understands the style.

So don’t stress over minimalism. Remember that there are many other styles that may suit your home better!

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