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How Much Does it Cost to Service Artificial Grass in Harrisonville?

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Artificial Grass can increase the value of your home by $7,868

Excellent Harrisonville artificial grass landscaping can provide you with a lot more than a green backyard and a method of preserving water. When artificial grass in Harrisonville is installed properly, a brand new landscaping is going to be an investment around the home’s exterior, enhancing the way of life by giving a gorgeous and consistently available livable space for the house. A lot of people are generally astonished with the outcome and several positive aspects it offer. With an artificial lawn, a homeowner can get rid of the residential landscaping difficulties along with the cost of watering and keeping an old-fashioned lawn. It would always be a lovely, maintenance-free lawn which adds to the value of the property along the way.

Fair price breakdown

For a 15’ wide and 100’ long lawn or 120 square feet area, artificial grass in Harrisonville with 1 ¾” height may cost around $9,103 up to $11,387. The estimated labor cost for installing artificial lawn that typically includes planning, equipment, area preparation, setup, and clean-up for 8 hours is around $500 to $770. All other materials needed for the installation of the lawn may cost a homeowner $16 to $25. Including the cost of disposal of the debris from the installation amounting to $60 up to $65 and the cost of equipment allowance for specialty equipment which is $34 to $48, the overall cost for installing artificial grass to a 120 square feet lawn will be between $1250 and $1700, with an average cost of $11 to $14 per square foot.

Estimated final cost for artificial grass

Item Quantity Fair Price
Artificial Lawn Cost 535 Square Feet $1,761.21
Artificial Lawn Labor 115.4 Hours $6,192.74
Artificial Lawn Job Materials and Supplies 500 Square Feet $2,030.22
Artificial Lawn Debris Disposal Costs $261.04
Totals - Cost to Install Artificial Lawn - 535 Square Feet $10,245.20
Average Cost Per Square Foot $20.49

Find the Best Costs on Artificial Grass - Harrisonville, 64701

There are always many factors to consider when planning to install Harrisonville artificial grass or lawn. It is highly recommended that homeowners get the advice of reputable artificial grass installers near their area to ensure the best product and material is chosen. Remember, installing an artificial lawn is an investment and it is always wise to ensure that investments are not going to be wasted.

Cass County Artificial Grass FAQ

Pile is a term for any upright blades on artificial turf. A lot of these are usually chopped at completely different heights (e. g. 40-50-60 mm). As a standard, 20 mm of free pile height, the part of the artificial grass fiber which expands higher than the infill, is usually computed. The pile height is frequently dependent on the sub-base. In case you are constructing on stone, you will need a longer pile. Each and every project is assessed together with a professional.

Artificial grass in Harrisonville does certainly demand considerable investment. However, this approach has to be perceived in the long run. The charges per hour of play on artificial grass can be noticeably less than natural grass. Artificial lawn provides a larger return as a result of lower prices, less serious maintenance, and the chance for multifunctional use along with the constant availability.

Artificial grass is a superb solution designed for homes with little ones or schools and nurseries for many reasons. To begin with, the feel of the grass is very soft and lush underfoot and as near to real grass as possible. One of the primary benefits of artificial grass is its durability: it can actually survive the majority of types of games and sports played by kids and adults. The grass eradicates muddy patches and any path of muddy footprints, leaving you a landscaping which you can use all year-round.

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2022

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