It might seem like an inconsequential thing at first, but your garage doors are one of the first home features that your friends, family, and neighbors see on your home. So with that in mind, your garage doors can potentially increase curb appeal when done right. The main factor is simply deciding which material to go with. So here are the best garage doors 2018 has to offer.

”Listen, real poetry doesn't say anything; it just ticks off the possibilities. Opens all doors. You can walk through any one that suits you.” - Jim Morrison

Wooden Doors

Old school wooden garage doors
Sometimes old tricks are the best. Source: Bunnell

Wood is certainly one of the most versatile building materials available. It can be fit to any size, cut to any shape or style, and painted any color. So in terms of raw practicality wood is the material to try. Most commonly these are found to be swing up garage door types. Otherwise you can find wooden doors being fit into:

  • Carriage house style
  • Raised panel doors
  • Contemporary doors
  • Roll up
  • Side-sliding doors

Steel Doors

Steel: the ultimate in durability
The finest steel as garage doors. Source: Allied Buildings

For those who want something a little sturdier, steel doors are an option. They can also be painted to match your home’s coloring scheme, so you won’t have to worry about clashing with the look of metal. Some homeowners are surprised that when it comes to types of garage doors, residential options are available.

Wood Composite

Composite offers a lot of advantages
Looks like wood but stronger. Source: Voteno

This is very quickly becoming a much more sought after building material. Because wood composite is made from both wood and plastic, it retains the look of wooden garage doors without any of the weaknesses. These styles of garage doors will be protected from any of the following:

  1. Termites
  2. Carpenter ants
  3. Wood rot
  4. Bad weather conditions
  5. Moisture damage
  6. Mold
  7. Mildew

Aluminum Frame

An aluminum frame can really make a difference
Look at that night and day difference. Source: DIYnetwork

Aluminum works best on trailers, but is completely adaptable to residential homes. This cheap and lightweight material can make for very inexpensive new additions to your home. Unfortunate, they can dent. In any case when it comes to price, this option is hard to beat.


Crazy glass garage features
Impressive garage door layouts. Source: HGTV

Looking for something new? Certainly one of the most flexible and affordable materials, fiberglass doors also have the added bonus of coming in several prefab models. The following styles of garage doors are available in fiberglass.

  • Horizontal V-hatch Panels
  • Horizontal Raised Panels
  • Vertical Raised Panels
  • Vertical Slat Panels


Garage doors produce satisfying results
There's no reason not to have a little grass in the driveway. Source: HGTV

Last but certainly not least, vinyl is quickly becoming one of the most popular building materials in today’s market. It is applicable to a wide number of home features, and incredibly durable. The garage door reviews 2018 had to offer made this material really stand out.

Looking for ideas on how to update your garage doors? Want to get the ball rolling on that? Contact a professional today to get a free estimate to get started.

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