Christmas is one of the most beloved holidays of the year, and it has the most beautiful, amazing and festive decorations. Who doesn't love to get their house ready for it? But before going out to buy your traditional tree for this year’s Christmas, take a look at these gorgeous alternative tree choices that will transform your holidays. And if you already bought it, there’s also some great and creative ways to decorate it!

Rainbow Tree

Rainbow Tree - Trees to Rock This Christmas
Source: Southern Blue Celebrations

For a different way to decorate your traditional Christmas tree, you can try using a rainbow inspired ornament placing. Doesn’t it look incredible? It’s festive, colorful and joyful and will bring a big smile whenever someone takes a look at (or rather, get enchanted by) the tree.

Branches Christmas Tree

Branches Christmas Tree
Source: Oh Creative Day

Using branches and twigs, you can create the most incredible Christmas tree on your wall with just a small walk outside. Gather different branches and cut them in different lengths, forming a rough tree shape, and use a sturdy cord to tie them together, leaving a loop on top for hanging. Grab a glue gun and start attaching ornaments, ribbons, pine cones, stars, anything you have laying around. Add some fairy lights and you’ll have a gorgeous and modern Christmas Tree!

Small Places Solution

Small Places Solution - Trees to Rock This Christmas
Source: Photos

If you live in a smaller space or if you just don’t want to commit to a full-sized Christmas tree, there’s always a solution. You can place pine branches and other tree branches on a bigger vase and hang beautiful ornaments on them, recreating the holiday effect on a smaller version. You can place the vase on different places, like:

  • On a corner table;
  • On the dining table;
  • On the mantel;
  • On a living room or bedroom corner;
  • On top of a cupboard (and use the cupboard to store the gifts);
  • Or on any place that works best for your house!

The result is as beautiful and as festive as a full sized tree.

Snowy Decor

Snowy Decor
Source: Dream Book Design

How about using the chilly weather as inspiration when decorating your holiday tree? You can add some beautiful snowflake ornaments, white pine cones, gray ribbons, light colored garlands and even faux snow on the branches. The result is breathtaking!

Deconstructed Christmas Tree

Deconstructed Christmas Tree
Source: Free People

If you’re always looking for something new to try and for new trends popping up, this is your perfect choice. The contemporary look of the deconstructed tree looks incredibly chic on any house and style it is integrated. You can use tape to secure the branches in place and also add photos, postcards, letters and memories to the design to make it even more personal and unique.

Themed Christmas Tree

Themed Christmas Tree
Source: Magment

For an unforgettable Christmas tree, you can go to the big screens as inspiration. This Frozen themed tree looks incredible, but you can also use other sources as inspirations, from the big to the small screen, going through books and games. The possibilities are endless!

For The Book Lovers

For The Book Lovers - Christmas Trees to Rock This Christmas
Source: Family Sponge

For the book lovers, this is just the perfect Christmas tree. Stack your books creating a tree shape and use fairy lights to set the mood. Depending on the amount of books you have, you can also make a smaller version on top of a corner table: it also looks amazing!

Book Lovers - Christmas Trees
Source: Bits and Pieces

You can also make this interesting tree design using a bookshelf, if you’re not keen on stacking your books on the floor. Just add a star on top of it and voilá: it looks incredible!

Wood Pallet

Wood Pallet - Christmas Trees to Rock
Source: Country Living

For a different Christmas tree idea, you can use painted wood pallets(you can easily get one at your local grocery store, farmer’s market or on eBay) for an awesome rustic holiday tree. There are many different ways you can do it, different paint jobs and ornaments ideas, but if you’re feeling even more crafty, you can cut the pallet into a tree shape and add fairy lights to create an awesome alternative Christmas tree!

White Christmas Tree

White Christmas Tree
Source: French Country Cottage

For incredibly chic and elegant holiday decorations, white is always the spot-on choice. Combine a white tree with golden or silver ornaments and create an unforgettable tree! Even though it may be harder to find white holiday trees, the search is totally worth it when you see the end result.

Ornaments Christmas Tree

Ornaments Christmas Tree
Source: Not Martha

This gorgeous Christmas tree made out of ornaments is gorgeous, and it is totally easier to make than it looks. Check out the instructions!

Flowers Decoration

Flowers Decoration
Source Dream Book Design

Flowers are always a great way to decorate the house. So why not decorate the Christmas tree with them too? Choose some bright colored flowers, fake or real ones, and place on your holiday tree to create this incredible effect.

Ladder Tree

Ladder Tree - Christmas Trees
Source: Inspired By Charm

To shake things up and create a very different tree this holiday, you should try using a simple ladder as a tree outline. Yes! It sounds crazy, but the result is incredible. Wrap it in garlands, fairy light and hang ornaments to create a modern effect that is beautiful and creative at the same time.

Wood Structured Christmas Tree

Wood Christmas Tree
Source: Pinterest

For a different take on the Christmas tree that doesn’t fall too far from the traditional, this wood structured holiday tree will sure to be the center of attention of the festivities.

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ---Norman Vincent Peale

What do you think of this selection of alternative Christmas trees? Do you like the idea or do you prefer more traditional ones? Let us know in the comment section below, check out our articles page for more interesting ideas and like our Facebook Page so you don’t miss any!

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