It seems the winter holiday decor starts to show up earlier and earlier every year, and with so many options, hosting a seasonal party or holiday guests for a visit is easy! From Hanukkah to Christmas to New Year’s and more, holiday parties are the time to break out the fancy place settings and celebrate in style. In the kitchen, dining room, and living room, let your creative side shine through your decor and help put everyone in the holiday spirit.

Dreaming of a White Christmas

There are many different holiday decor options available
Christmas decor Pinterest

White doesn’t have to mean boring! From a white tree to using clear glass candle holders and baubles as decorations, you can display clean lines and a classy look without creating an overwhelming scene for your guests.

Even the bedroom could use some holiday decor and sheets
Stockings by the bedframe Country Living

White holiday decorations can complement the interior design of a living room or bedroom, especially if you use neutral tones throughout your home. Rather than blending in, the added touches of white, silver, and a snowy sage add a brilliance through simplicity.

A classy tree in the dining room
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Not only is white classy, but you can use bright white and sparkling silver to highlight the centerpiece of the season - the tree! Whether you incorporate other colors in the tree or not, white, silver, and gold placemats give a fancy look to any meal.

Festival of Lights

Or for Jewish families and friends have a nice Hanukkah party
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If you’re throwing a Hanukkah Party, you can incorporate traditions and a modern twist. Use blue and white to decorate but don’t be afraid to also use other colors where they fit!

Mozel tov! Dining room celebrations for Jewish families
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Many store-bought Hanukkah decorations use bright blue, but upgrade to a more elegant look with deep blue and chic sparkles. Plus, many families these days are celebrating more than one holiday during the winter season, and there’s no reason to only decorate for one of them!

Amazing dining room plates and silverware
Festival of lights Party Simplicity

The festival of lights doesn’t have to mean only lighting the Menorah - use tall or short candles as a centerpiece or as decorations around the house. They’ll bring light and warmth to any seasonal gathering.

Holiday Cheer

Aquatic light blue and green colors can really add a lot
Festive cheer No Money Will Decorate

Regardless of which holiday you’re celebrating, there are always ways to incorporate bright colors like blue and green and give your home a unique holiday flair. Using hardy winter plants and Christmas ornaments for decoration can make your party the one to remember.

Plenty of ways to use peppermint as decor
Peppermint decor Amazing House Design

Peppermint is a flavor often associated with winter, and theming a holiday party around the red and white of a peppermint stick can look incredibly adult without losing the childlike excitement of the holidays!

Kitchen delights to be had this holiday season
Seasonal decor Celebrations

What would ringing in a new year be without a New Year’s Eve party and countdown? Gold goes well with champagne and TV fireworks and will allow you to go as fancy or casual as you’d like. Ring in the New Year with style!

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