What’s better than enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee or glass of wine? Doing so with your furry little friend. A new dog-friendly cafe is coming to New York City and people are very excited about this development. The coffee shop is called Boris and Horton and named after the owner’s dogs. These little pups are certainly guest starring at their own restaurant, but the establishment is entirely B.Y.O.D. (bring your own dog). So grab your pooch and head on down to New York!

The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.” - Andy Rooney

Boris & Horton

This dynamic doggo duo created New York's first dog-friendly cafe
Man's best friends don't have to be left outside anymore. Source: Boris and Horton

This is the puppy cafe NYC residents have wanted since forever. The small cafe will have a variety of food and drink items to choose from. While the menu is small and still forming, the owners have promised the following items to be readily available once the shoppe opens:

  • Coffee
  • Espresso
  • Cheese plates
  • Craft beer
  • Wine
  • Pastries
  • Avocado toast
  • Tomato roasted toast

Location, Location, Location...

New York is certainly the place to be, maybe we can make it a more dog-friendly place
If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Source: Timeout

The new puppy cafe will open on 12th Street and Avenue A in Manhattan's East Village. A prime location for both animal owners and animal lovers who want to get a drink or bite to eat and hang out with dogs. Unlike the cat cafes of Japan, every pet is to be accompanied by an owner and meant to stay classy while at the establishment. Furthermore, the cafe really is a place to stop in without having to tie your dog up outside.

Dog Friendly Cafe Vs. Dog Cafe

Meet the stars of the franchise, Boris and Horton
Meet the two pups that started the business! Source: NBC New York

It is important to note that while Boris & Horton allows dogs on the premises, it is still not typically regarded as a “dog cafe.” The dog-friendly cafe does not actually serve food for dogs, nor can it serve food where dogs are, as per the statements made by the health department of New York. The idea was actually arrived upon when the owners became tired of having to tie their dogs up outside of restaurants that they wanted to patronize.

The Hipster Scene

Hipster dog went to the cafe before it was cool
Hipster dog wants a cafe that allows him inside during the winter. Source: Entertainment

Of course, one has to analyze the success of modern cafes is at least in part due to the hipster scene. The rise in chic establishments specializing in microbrews and exotic coffee has certainly caught the eye of many entrepreneurs. And in the rise of the internet age, it’s not surprising to find a dog cafe Yelp would take note of.

Pet Adoption Services

The owners Coppy Holzman and Logan Mikhly, a daddy-daughter combo who have lived with pets in New York for years, also hinted at the prospect of offering adoption services for hopeful soon-to-be-pet-parents. After all, the entire point of the cafe is meeting people with dogs, so what better way to strengthen the doggo community? Details for the dog cafe adoption dates are forthcoming.

Join the Dog Side

Tiny little puppy needs a home. Will you adopt him?
Care to adopt a little puppy who needs a home? Source: USA Today

How does the establishment get around violating city safety codes? SImple. Holzman has been working very closely with the Health and Safety board to make sure that there is a “human” side where people can order food and drinks, and then the other side of the cafe is a “doggie” side, where you can bring food over to your pets. This dog-friendly cafe violates no health codes and is perfectly safe for the public. Hostile or aggressive dogs will be asked to leave, as the staff will also be trained on dog body language to ensure all customers and pets have a great experience.

A New Trend, Perhaps?

Coffee dog likes coffee
These types of cafes are starting to pop up. Source: LA Times

The people have spoken, and their pets have barked. Americans want more pet-friendly restaurants where they can go and grab some food with their best friends (and maybe some other humans). The trend took off on the west coast in Los Angeles. Now it’s making its way to the east coast. If you ever find yourself wondering, “Will there be a puppy cafe near me someday?” The answer might be sooner than you think.

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