Yoga has been proven to help people relieve stress, strengthen muscles, and gain flexibility. However, if you’ve ever tried practicing yoga at home around your dog, he or she has probably tried to join in. Fortunately, now there are poes you can do with your dog! Doga is a new way of bonding with your dog and helping both of you become healthier and calmer. The next time you want to practice yoga, let your dog join in.

What is Doga?

Doga - doing yoga with your dog on hardwood floors
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Doga, or dog yoga, is the practice of doing yoga with your pet dog. It helps strengthen the bond and sense of harmony between people and their pups, helps to relieve stress, and improves circulation. Doga also helps to soothe your dog’s central nervous system and can even help calm down hyper dogs. Here are six simple poses you can do with your dog:


DIY: have your dog do the chair pose in doga
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To have your pup do the chair pose, start by having it sit. Hold your pup from behind. Then, help your dog stand up on its hind legs and raise its front paws towards the ceiling.


Homeowners: the savasana doga pose is great for helping pups relax
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If your dog already loves laying on its back, this should be an easy pose. If your dog is timid, don’t rush or force your dog. Be patient. You may have to try this one a few times before your dog enjoys it. After you get your dog to lay comfortably on its back, rub its belly.

Heart-to-Hound Mudra

DIY for homeowners: use the heart-to-hound mudra doga pose to strengthen your bond with your dog
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Sit behind your dog and place one hand on its heart and one hand on your own. Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths.

For more Doga poses, take a look at this great infographic from The Path.

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