There are many things I love about decoration and one of them is following trends, what goes in and what goes out. It can be a bit of an effort to keep up with everything that’s happening and it does happen sometimes that I let something go unnoticed.


As much as I can, I’ll get updated and bring you all sorts of trends to go crazy along with me! This time I’ve brought eight kitchen trends that are going big this year. Check them out!

“Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen. - Andrew Zimmern

Natural wood

Natural wood is beautiful and modern.
Natural wood is beautiful and modern! Source: Centsacional Style

I’ve recently wrote about bathroom trends as well, and that list had “wood accents. This kitchen trend follows the same idea, but instead of just accents, the whole kitchen can be done in natural wood and you’ll be totally in style!

The all-white kitchen trend is saying goodbye at last and it’s time to start thinking about what you’re doing next. If you have a kitchen project planned for this year, investing in a natural wood kitchen will be a good pick! It’s not only trendy, but also gives your kitchen a warm look that mixes modern and classic.

Brass accents

Brass is simple, but looks fancy and expensive.
Brass is simple, but looks fancy and expensive. Source: Domino

Another item that was also on the bathroom trends list. You can see from the photo above why these are becoming a trend in the kitchen too, right? This golden, brass look is gorgeous and fancy. What a great way to make your home look more expensive, don’t you think? You can update your kitchen hardware with brass accents and it’s guaranteed success.

Breakfast nook

A kitchen breakfast nook that also serves for lunch and dinner.
A kitchen breakfast nook that also serves for lunch and dinner! Source: Architectural Digest

This trend is being called the “bench seating trend all over the internet, but I’d much rather call it the breakfast nook trend. It has been more common to see these nooks than big dining rooms that were so popular back in the days. It’s just more familiar and cozy to have a meal - especially if you have a small family.

That’s why:

Having a built-in bench in the corner of your kitchen with a small table and a couple chairs is the perfect solution for your kitchen renovation.

Dark colored cabinets

This matte black kitchen is beautiful.
This matte black kitchen is beautiful! Source: Curious Doodle

As I mentioned before, the all-white kitchen trend is giving us a farewell and dark colors are making their way in! This year, dark-colored cabinets are a choice you can make without second thoughts, especially with matte black finishes and dark green or blue cabinets.

If you’re constantly pinning new ideas, you’ve probably ran into a lot of black, green, and blue cabinets, didn’t you? I bet you even saved a few in your own pins!

Dramatic backsplashes

This backsplash is gorgeous and you can make it your weekend project.
This backsplash is gorgeous and you can make it your weekend project! Source: Living etc.

If you want to add personality to your kitchen, backsplash is a great way to achieve that! Tiles alone already have so many options that we can’t even keep track of it. But we’re interested in what’s in for this year, right? So, you’ll want to focus on:

  • Larger slabs of tiles
  • Textures
  • Patterns
  • A pop of color

Smart kitchen

Build your own smart kitchen with a professional.
Build your own smart kitchen with a professional. Source: House Beautiful

Yes, technology is taking over your entire house bit by bit, room by room. And your kitchen is actually a great place to use technology in your favor. A smart kitchen can include things like faucets and lights that respond to your voice - that way, your appliances keep clean and you don’t need to keep constantly interrupting what you’re doing and washing and drying your hands.

To have a smart kitchen at home,

You can either add smart appliances - like a coffee maker that can be programmed to make coffee right before you wake up - or do a complete renovation and build a personalized smart kitchen from scratch!

Colored appliances

These bright blue appliances are really cute.
These bright blue appliances are really cute! Source: Old House Online

Colored appliances actually have this sort of retro look that’s really gorgeous and brings a great energy to the kitchen! Using colors in the kitchen is something we expect to see a lot this year and you can invest in it and get creative with your design. The most used colors for appliances are turquoise, ruby red, and black.

Of course, this type of style is not for everyone, but if you’re into bold decorations, this is definitely something to try in your home!

Reeded Glass

Reeded glass makes your cabinetry look incredible.
Reeded glass makes your cabinetry look incredible. Source: decor pad

I have to admit I was really surprised to find this among trends. That’s because I’m always checking pins, and I had not noticed any reeded glass before. However, they’re starting to appear in kitchen cabinets and replacing the old open shelves kitchen trend. This glass adds texture and elegance to your kitchen in a unique way that only the reeded glass itself could do. Isn’t it beautiful?

The kitchen from the photo above even has a bonus: it combines three of our trends in this list! The reeded glass, the brass accents, and the dark colored cabinets. What a way to go all in with your kitchen decor, huh?

What’s your favorite trend? Get a free quote from a professional to help you renew and achieve your dream kitchen!

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