There are some things that are just not dishwasher safe. You may be tempted to add these items to the wash, but don’t! They can cause damage to either your washer, the item, or both. Here’s our take on items that you should avoid putting in the dishwasher.

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The Quick List

There are some items that you never want to put in the dishwasher
Some home items are simply not dishwasher friendly. Source: HGTV

It’s good to get the ground rules covered quickly. And there are a few materials common to silverware and dishware that really shouldn’t be placed in a dishwasher for various reasons. Some will melt, some will break or warp, and some will become tarnished if placed in a dishwashing cycle.

Here’s a quick rundown of what not to put in the dishwasher:

  • Pewter
  • Non-stick pots and pans
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Crystal
  • China with metal
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Blown-glass
  • Antiques
  • Acrylic
  • Anything with adhesive joints

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Certain Mugs

Make sure those mugs are dishwasher safe!
Yeti mugs are great, but must be washed by hand. Source: Dude I want that

There are a few mugs that you should never put in a dishwasher. But why are some mugs not dishwasher safe? That’s because it’s very difficult to create sealed compartments that dishwashers can safely clean. The sealed compartments of the mug actually can melt under the heat of the dishwasher, which sounds odd that insulation can melt, but the material hasn’t been treated correctly for the high temps of a washing unit. So it’s best to leave any insulated mugs out of the washer. The same can be said for, “Why are Yeti cups not dishwasher safe?”

Knives that You Wish to Keep Sharp

Some knives are actually okay to put in, and some are not
Some ceramic knives should never see the inside of a dishwasher. Source: A dash of Delish

Any specialty or prep knife is a fine example of what not to put in dishwasher. Unfortunately, no matter what material your knives are made of, running them in the dishwasher has a chance of dulling them. Maybe not the first instance you run them, but over time the effect is noticeable. So if you rely on your knifing skills for either culinary work or just as a hobby, hand clean your knives. Yes, even and especially that fancy ceramic one.

Milk Glass

Another example of what not to put in the dishwasher.
Milk glass is pretty, but needs to be hand washed. Source: Wikipedia

Due to the unique color of white milk glass, dishwashing is certainly not recommended. Too many rinses can dull the color into a sort of ugly yellow. If you want to keep that tone of white, you’re going to have to hand wash the piece every time. Or simply dust the thing and skip using it as a flower vase. In any case stay clear of putting milk glass in the dishwasher. If you’re unsure, many pieces have the “not dishwasher safe symbol.”


There are a few aluminum products marketed as “dishwasher safe,” but when in doubt, keep them out. Not only does aluminum run the risk of being tarnished in the cycle, it also runs the risk of releasing a film over the other dishes in the washer. With that being said, there are a few products that claim to be aluminum safe dishwasher detergent, but their validity is conflicted at best.

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