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One of the projects on my bucket list was to re-do my daughter's bedroom in her NYC apartment. Between work & play, she has been hinting that her busy, on-the-go schedule leave her with very little time to decorate her bedroom and keep it organized. So I digested this project, and decided to make a combination trip of visiting her to redo her room, while spending quality time with her in the city! After flipping through glossy mags and endless Pinterest searches. I felt her free-spirited taste would be reflected best with a Moroccan theme. With some creative bargain hunting and three DIY projects, I was able to do this all on a reasonable budget.


I searched for weeks for the right pictures to put above her bedroom. I knew it had to make an impression. I saw these amazing Moroccan fabrics at my local fabric shop. I knew this was the perfect find. I had 4 canvases in my attic that I could cover, which would make for a great headboard.

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Leanna's bedroom is large with no closets. To solve her closet problem she installed 2 tier clothes hanger floor rack on each side of the bed. It's a trendy look for NYC apartments. One side is for her purses, shoes and the other side is dedicated to her clothes. Leanna has an eclectic industrial style, and with my love for raw and sustainable materials it was the perfect mix. She loved the outcome! If you want to add some moroccan accents to your decor, check out these three easy DIY’s.

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  • 4 yards of two styles of bohemian inspired fabric

  • 4 large canvases

  • fabric staple gun

Take 1/2 yard of fabric and cover the canvas completely and staple the fabric on back of canvas. Keep fabric taut while stapling. Cover two of the canvases with one fabric style and the other two canvases in another fabric style of your choice. That way it will give a beautiful and colorful contrast to the headboard. When placing the canvases to the wall, make sure they are low enough to create a headboard-like appearance. Hammer three nails in the wall per canvas to keep them secure.




  • 1 1/2 yard of leftover fabric from the canvases

  • 16 inch pillow form

  • sewing machine

  • needle & thread

Cut the fabric by 18 inches on each side, give yourself two inches to sew the seam. Sew the last seam halfway so that there's a gap to pull pillow form through. Hand sew the gap opening to close.



  • Left over fabric

Measure two pieces of the leftover fabric to 53 inches in length by 6 inches width. Sew both pieces together with a top stitch all around.Place on edge of bed.


Will you be adding moroccan accents in your decor?

Fabric for canvases, pillow and bed runner: Discount fabric store or Etsy/ Baskets: HomeGoods / Comforter & Sheets: Wayfair.com / Lamp: HomeGoods /Furry Rug: UrbanOutfitters (NYC)

All pictures on this article serve rights to Maria Brittis and must be credited to Simple Nature Decor.

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