An outdoor dinner party is always special, whether you’ve invited all your friends and family, or just that special someone for a romantic night. But just like for any party, you’ll need to get organized and inspired to create something truly special - and that’s why you’re here!

With these incredible ideas, you’ll kick-start that dinner party in no time!

Romantic low table with stacked pallets

Romantic low table for dinner party outside
Source: Style Me Pretty

This low set up is perfect for a dinner for two! All you need is a few pallets to stack on top of each other, and the rest writes itself!

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Rugs and pillows

Rugs and pillows are perfect for an outdoor dinner party
Source: Makenna Alyse

If you want to take advantage of your space on the grass but you don’t have enough chairs for everyone, you can lay rugs and pillows all around, so guests can feel comfortable while enjoying the food!

Paper cocktail cover

Cover your cocktails when having an outdoors dinner party
Source: Martha Stewart

This idea is great for two reasons: it looks cool, and it’s practical! The paper cover is super easy to make and it will protect your drinks from anything falling inside (the whole point of an outside dinner party if making it OUTSIDE, after all)!

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Special touches

Be creative with the special touches on your dinner party!
Source: Elle Decoration

There are many things we can take from this one, so let’s list them out:

  • Decorate with candles! Check out some cool ideas here
  • Display welcome cards! You’ll find beautiful ideas here
  • Look at that centerpiece! Get inspired for centerpiece ideas here

Light it up!

Be sure to light up your outdoor dinner party!
Source: Domino

Chances are you’ll go through the night with the all the guests, so be sure to set up a simple lighting system to keep the place well lit! Up there you can see how a simple light string hanging over the table area works perfectly and also looks great!

Show off the snacks!

Snacks are everyone's favorite part of an outside dinner party!
Source: Brit+co

A simple wooden plank across the table is the perfect place to display your snacks - guests won’t resist chewing on something when it’s so yummy and easily available…

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Mason Jar Candle Holders

Mason jars are incredibly useful for an outside dinner party!
Source: The plunge project

Candles create a beautiful atmosphere for an outside dinner party, but depending on the weather (and the decorations) it can be hard to keep them lit. Using mason jars as candleholders fixes that problems - your candles won’t burn anything nearby and will be lit for longer!

Mason Jar + Flowers

Mason jars are perfect to hold flowers on your dinner party!
Source: Distractify

Another great use for mason jars as decorative elements - fill them with water and put some flowers in! It’s very easy to do and it creates incredible results.

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