With the warmer weather getting closer and closer, it’s time to get your home ready for the best season! While many people only think about changing the decor, your house actually needs to be checked, cleaned, and inspected to provide you a stress-free summer. And to make the process as easy as possible, we came up with this simple yet thorough guide that will get your house in perfect shape in no time.

Air Maintenance

Clean the fans, filters and units to ensure a good air quality.
Clean the fans, filters and units to ensure a good air quality. Source: Pinterest

Taking care of the air quality is a top priority! If you haven’t already, it’s time to prep air conditioners and fans for their busiest season.

Replace Air Filters

This home maintenance tip is essential before starting the new season. Every air conditioner has a filter that should be cleaned or replaced frequently, especially if it’s running at an all-time high. The filter should be placed right behind the service door. Remove it and give it a good wash if it’s a reusable one or replace it with a new one.

  • Don’t forget to replace the air conditioner filter on your car!
  • If you have central air conditioning, consider a professional servicing.
  • Your furnace also has a filter, and, just like in your A/C unit, it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Clean Ceiling Fans

Your ceiling fans also need some attention. Clean all of them with a damp rag. If you have high ceilings, a ceiling fan duster can help you clean the hard-to-reach blades. Be sure they are clean and free of dust and dirt before turning them on.

Inspect and Clean Air Conditioners

The filter is not the only part of your A/C that requires attention. You need to clean and inspect your air conditioner fully, checking to see if it’s working properly and that it’s not bringing dust in. The A/C fan also needs to be cleaned of dust as well. It should be very easy to locate, once you removed the proper bolts and wires, but if you’re not comfortable doing this kind of service yourself, call a professional.

Check Detectors

Change the batteries of your smoke detectors so you can have peace of mind.
Change the batteries in your smoke detectors so you can have peace of mind. Source: B-mech

For a stress-free summer, one of the most important check-ups you should do is on your detectors. Check your home's smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they're working properly and replace the batteries for new ones.

Keep the Bugs Away

Screens are a must for your summer to be bother-free.
Screens are a must for your summer to be bother-free. Source: Gardenista 

Now it’s the time to take down the storm doors and install screen doors to keep the bugs, insects and mosquitoes away while letting that refreshing summer breeze pour in. Additionally, make sure all your door and window screens are hole-free, patching them as needed, and give them a gentle scrub with hot, soapy water to clean them.

If you want some more ideas to keep the bugs away, check out these 10 Natural Ways To Mosquito-Proof Your Summer.

Get Your Outdoor Area Ready

A beautiful backyard is key for an amazing summer.
A beautiful backyard is key for an amazing summer. Source: Country Living 

Especially if you have kids or if you like to plan some special gatherings, it’s time to get your outdoor area ready for the warmer season.

Analyze Your Deck

Get your deck in perfect shape to hold many new gatherings, parties, and adventures. Look thoroughly for signs of rotting and hammer in any nails that may be poking up. Consider replacing the sections that aren’t looking good. Then, analyze to see if it needs sealing. To do it yourself, you can sprinkle water on the deck boards, and see if it soaks in. If it does, it’s time to reseal it. If not (if the water beads up) then it’s in a good shape.

Get Your Outdoor Cooker Ready

Give your grill a deep cleaning so it can provide you with some amazing memories.

  • For charcoal grills, empty it completely and wipe out any residues. Clean it inside and out with hot water, a scrubby sponge, and liquid dishwashing soap. Let it dry completely before using it.
  • For gas grills, turn the heat up to high and let it cook for about half an hour with the lid closed. Then, let it cool down and then brush it with a grill brush or sponge. Clean the exterior with damp rag or sponge and some light cleanser. Clean the drip pans and you’re done.

Get the Pool In Shape

It’s not a proper summer without a nice pool! To get your pool ready, check out these 4 Simple Steps To Get Your Pool Ready for Summer and to make it safer, check out How To Keep The Pool Safe for Keeps and Wildlife.

Dry Spell

While you’re there, you should consider skipping the dryer and using your backyard to dry to your clothes. Install an outdoor clothesline to dry your laundry in the summer sun, and you’ll save money and energy at the end of the month. Besides, who doesn’t love the smell of air-dried sheets?

Check out How To Build a Backyard DIY Fire Pit to make your yard even more exciting!

Exterior Attention

This is the perfect time to check up on your house's exterior.
This is the perfect time to check up on your house’s exterior. Source: Pinterest 

After a long winter, it’s the perfect time to inspect and clean the exterior of your house.


  • Check your porch for loose nails and floor boards.
  • Check if your siding is in good condition and replace faulty sections.
  • Check the roof for possible leaks and faulty sections.
  • Look for cracks and weeds in driveways, walkways and patio.
  • Consider applying a polish or a finish to your porch or deck to add a new look and extend it’s lifespan.


  • Power-washing is the best way to get rid of all the dirt and grime that has built up over the course of time. Wash the siding, roof, patios, and driveways this way. If you don’t own a pressure washer, you can ask for a professional service and choose to go with a deep soft wash.
  • It is recommended that you clean your gutters at least twice a year to prevent clogging, siding damage and other leaks from occurring.
  • Wash your windows from the outside to let them shine in the summer sun. A bucket of soapy water and a sponge is more than enough.

Landscaping and Summer Garden

Add colorful flowers and take care of the lawn to raise curb appeal.
Add colorful flowers and take care of the lawn to raise curb appeal. Source: Pinterest 

Your landscape is one of the first things that visitors notice when dropping by your house. You’d be surprised how much a beautiful and fresh landscape can change the look of your house and increase curb appeal!

  • To make your landscape more beautiful, plant some new flowers, trim the trees, and pull out the weeds.
  • Check your irrigation system to see if it’s working properly. A faulty sprinkler or hose can quickly cause big problems for your lawn and garden.
  • Add a layer of mulch to keep weeds down, help the soil retain the moisture in the summer heat, and make the garden grow and flourish.
  • Train your plants to endure dry days by watering them deeply a couple times a week, instead of lightly each day.

Want some ideas on how to make your garden more beautiful? Check out these 12 Whimsical DIY Projects to Make Your Garden Beautiful.

Exterior Paint Touch-ups

Give your front door a boost by repainting it.
Give your front door a boost by repainting it. Source: Southern Living 

This quick outdoor home maintenance tip will give your curb appeal a boost. Take a nice and warm weekend to touch up the exterior, especially the front door. If you don’t know the exact color of your home, you can ask a paint professional at your local paint store to help you find the perfect match.

Attic and Basement Inspections

Your attic should be inspected regularly, not only on summer.
Your attic should be inspected regularly, not only on summer. Source: Ever Changing Life 

Even though they’re a little claustrophobia-inducing, you have to be brave enough to check on them at least once a year for any indication of pests, water leakage, mold, or mildew. You should also turn off the lights to check for any sign of daylight peeking through cracks.

Now that you know where to start to make your summer completely stress-free, we hope that you create some amazing new memories and make the season unforgettable!

Want a simple printer-friendly version? Click here or just copy the checklist below!



  • [ ] Replace air filters
  • [ ] Clean Ceiling Fan
  • [ ] Inspect and Clean Air Conditioners


  • [ ] Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries


  • [ ] Install screen doors
  • [ ] Clean door window screens with soapy water
  • [ ] Patch holes (if needed)


  • [ ] Analyse the deck for faulty sections and signs of rotting
  • [ ] Clean the grill
  • [ ] Clean and inspect the pool
  • [ ] Install a clothesline on the backyard


  • [ ] Check the porch, siding, and roof for faulty sections and loose nails or board
  • [ ] Look for cracks and weeds in driveways and patio
  • [ ] Power-wash the siding, roof, patio and driveways
  • [ ] Clean gutters
  • [ ] Wash windows from the outside


  • [ ] Check the irrigation system
  • [ ] Add mulch to the garden
  • [ ] Plant new flowers, pull out weeds, prune and trim the trees


  • [ ] Touch-up the exterior and front door


  • [ ] Check for signs of pests, water leakage, mold or mildew
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