Christmas is a time full of love and who has more love in their little hearts than our adorable pets? They also love having a good time and getting their own presents - even if those presents are just a special treat!

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened.” - Anatole France

Tree Dog

He must love the attention!
He must love the attention! Image source: Matador Network

How this fellow ended up here I have no idea, but it sure gave us an awesome photo. And he does seem like he’s really comfortable taking the tree’s place for Christmas celebrations…

Cat Scarf

This cat cannot wait to open Christmas gifts!
This cat cannot wait to open Christmas gifts! Image source: Quotations and Quotes

I can only assume the person taking this photo was holding some sort of cat treat in front of the camera because, really, look at that adorable face!


That scarf is fitting like a glove for this little one.

Santa’s Cookies

Christmas cookies are the best!
Christmas cookies are the best! Image source: Matador Network

Santa must have his own pets at home so he probably knows what it’s like to have them stealing his food.


No surprises when he gets to this house to deliver their presents, right?

Christmas Goat

Goats are simply the best.
Goats are simply the best. Image source: Singletrack

“A goat is for life, not just for Christmas”,

Do you agree with that sign? I can totally see why! Isn’t this animal super cute? I think it’d be really fun to have it as a pet.

Someone Ate the Tree?

Ready for all the celebrations.
Ready for all the celebrations. Image source: Matador Network

Now, this little guy is just showing us the proof to his crime of eating the Christmas tree. Or a part of it, at least. But that doesn’t really matter because who could stay mad at a pet this adorable?

Happy Easter?

Easter bunny celebrating Christmas.
Easter bunny celebrating Christmas. Image source: I Love my House Rabbit

Not really, just an adorable bunny wishing you a Merry Christmas! Why not enjoy all holidays the same way, even if you’re not in the spotlight, right? This bunny knows best to enjoy Christmas joy.

A Puppy’s Christmas

Isn't this little guy too adorable?
Isn’t this little guy too adorable?! Image source: marie claire

Would this be this puppy’s first Christmas? Because he sure looks like he’s loving all the decoration and gift giving!

And talk about gifts…

It’s Gift Time!

Gift time is the best time!
Gift time is the best time! Image source: marie claire

Or maybe it’s not gift time and this furry friend simply couldn’t wait till Christmas morning to open up his gift. Whatever is inside there, he sure loves it!

Merry Llama

LLAMA take a selfie!
LLAMA take a selfie! Image source: Flickr

Okay, so, I never met anyone who had a llama for a pet. But searching over the internet for some pics I ran into this and I just couldn’t scroll away. Isn’t this babe incredibly cute?

Horsin’ Around

Horse or reindeer?
Horse or reindeer? Image source: horselover

Fancy and classic, this horse (or reindeer in disguise?) makes Christmas feel complete. I simply love how great it looks, don’t you?

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