Power tools are essential for those who enjoy building or DIYing stuff around the house, but the more you have, the more you realize how much space they can take up.

Add that to tiny drill bits, nails, screws, and wrenches that all come in many different sizes… everything is so easy to lose and definitely not easy to organize.

But it’s possible.

If you already have the tools, you can buy or DIY these helpful racks, hangers, and organizers to make your life easier!

1. Hang Wrenches on a Tie/Belt Rack

Using a belt rack to hang wrenches.
Use a belt rack to hang wrenches. Source: From House To Home

Repurpose a belt or tie rack (like this one) to make a simple yet efficient wrenches rack. You can rearrange them as you please, and as long as you put them back after using, they will always be readily available at a glance - no more scrambling through a messy drawer to find the right one!

2. Cordless Charging Station

A cordless charging station to keep things ready.
A cordless charging station to keep things ready. Source: The Carmichael Workshop

Now, this is for those who already have the tools and the skill to make something custom: an awesome charging station for all of your power tools!

You can find the template for the project right here, including a helpful video tutorial of the entire process.

3. Drill Storage Solution

A simple DIY power tool storage solution.
A simple DIY power tool storage solution. Source: Tool Box Buzz

Another DIY project you can make by yourself if you already have the tools. PVC pipes are cheap and easy to come by, while incredibly versatile for organization projects - it’s not the first time we talk about them here. They are also easy to customize with the right tools (a drill, a saw, and a hole saw should be enough).

All the info and step-by-step tutorial are right here!

4. Magnetic Tool Hanger

The power of magnets at display.
The power of magnets on display. Source: Makezine

A great addition to your arsenal of tools - this is perfect to have over your work table for easy access to basic tools without losing them. Follow the tutorial here!

Go for neodymium magnets or samarium cobalt magnets if you want the strong stuff that will really hold these heavy tools. Alternatively, you could also purchase one of these.

5. Garden Tool Tower

A garden tool tower keeps everything in the same place.
A garden tool tower keeps everything in the same place. Source: Amazon

Garden tools can be particularly hard to store - not because they get lost easily, but because of their size, it’s not always easy to find the right corner for them.

A tool rack can easily fix that problem. Now all your garden tools are in the same spot, and out of the way.

Alternatively, you can also DIY a garden tool rack with PVC pipes!

6. Peg-Rail Organizer

A simple organisation setup for your garden tools.
A simple organization setup. Source: Country Living

An elegant solution for the garden tools problem - practical and beautiful!

Basically, all you need for this one are the wood boards the length of your wall, the pegs, a drill, wood glue, screws, and paint. Check out a 4-step tutorial here!

7. Magnetic Bit Holder

Magnets are at it again.
Magnets are at it again. Source: BHG

An essential add-on to your workbench - all the bits are easily seen and away from other junk, preventing them from getting lost. You can create one of these via DIY, you simply repurpose a knife holder!

Of course, one of these should also work if you have too many things for a magnet holder.

8. DIY Screwdriver Storage

Everyone needs a decent screwdriver storage.
Everyone needs a decent screwdriver storage. Source: Fresh Crush

A simple storage shelf for your most useful tools, and the best part: it’s an easy DIY project you can make with the most basic stuff. It’s a nice little addition to your workshop, where you can quickly find and grab the most used screwdrivers, and store them safely away from the workspace. Check it out!

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