Have you ever had a carpet cleaning service come to your house? If so, you know there’s a few things you can do to make the job easier - both for them and for you too. If not, then now you know! Here’s what to do before the carpet cleaning arrives at your house. Note that these aren’t exactly your obligation, but they will make the service go faster and stress-free, so it’s worth checking out, okay?

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

1. Vacuum

what to do before the carpet cleaning arrive
Vacuum to remove dirt and debris from the surface. Source: keepdecor

It may sound weird when I say to vacuum before the carpet cleaning service comes to your house. After all, if you’re hiring a company to come and perform the job, it probably means you don’t really want to focus on the cleaning yourself.


It’s important to do this step because you’ll be removing a lot of debris and dirt from the carpet so the carpet cleaning people will be able to focus on the deeper stuff (and with “stuff I mean the dirt).

There are companies that offer the vacuuming service included in the cleaning package, make sure to ask about it to the company you’re hiring!

2. Clean baseboards and HVAC registers

carpet cleaning under beds
Clean baseboards to prevent carpets from getting dirt after the cleaning service. Source: lovehomedesigns

This part is mainly important not to prepare your house to receive the carpet cleaning, but to keep the carpet clean once the job is complete. This step will prevent dust and dirt from the baseboards and registers to get into the carpet and ruin the perfectly good cleaning it just got.

Besides, whatever dirt that comes out of there and ends up on your carpet will also be removed when the carpet cleaning service arrives, so they’ll remove that too.

3. Remove fragile items

office carpet cleaning preparation
Remove small and fragile items that are on or near the carpet area. Source: The Spruce

If there are fragile items on the carpet area (which is very likely), you will need to move them to a safer place. These include:

  • Floor lamps
  • Waste baskets
  • Children and pet toys
  • Porcelain decorations
  • Fine china

Even though professional services tend to be careful when performing the cleaning, accidents can happen so you need to be prepared - specially if any of these items are sentimental. Other things you can pay attention to is removing shoes, drapes, and bedspreads out of the way in advance.

4. Move furniture

how does carpet cleaning work
Take furniture out of the way. Source: Evolution of Style

Same way you need to remove smaller items out of the way, it might be interesting to move furniture around too. If you want a thoroughly clean carpet in the entire room, moving furniture will be essential for that to happen.

In addition,

Some companies offer discounts if the room they need to clean the carpet in is already empty, so that would be a great way to save some bucks.

5. Indicate the areas you want more attention

how long does carpet cleaning take
Have a thorough cleaning service! Source: interiorsaddict

When calling up a professional carpet cleaner, you probably have really dirty carpets at home. Be sure to identify the areas where there are stains and that have a higher traffic of people so the cleaners know where to give more attention. That way, you guarantee a service well done and a fresh smelling home!

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