Black Friday is well known as the busiest shopping day of the year however, countless homeowners spend the day after Thanksgiving pacing around their kitchen instead of racing around the mall. In fact, according to ABC News, the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day for plumbers around the nation. While you may want to use toilet humor to explain this phenomenon, the actual answer is more serious and potentially dangerous. The most common call a plumber will receive on Black Friday is to fix a garbage disposal.

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During Thanksgiving, many homeowners try to put too much food or food that’s too solid in their garbage disposals. This can lead to a backup or malfunctioning garbage disposal, resulting in the immediate need for a professional plumber to fix it. If you would rather go shopping, sleep in, or do just about anything else than wait for a plumber on Black Friday, follow these 5 tips to easily prevent plumbing problems.

Proper Garbage Disposal Usage

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The key to keeping the plumber from visiting you on Black Friday or the weekend after Thanksgiving is to use your garbage disposal properly. While you most likely know what you can and cannot put down your garbage disposal, chances are you’ll be extremely tired, stressed, or rushing during Thanksgiving dinner and could accidentally pour oil and grease down it or try to stuff too much food down it. Here are some quick guidelines to keep your garbage disposal working properly during and after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Hire a plumber before Thanksgiving.You may think your pipes are working properly, but it’s always wise to have a professional plumber take a look at your pipes and drains before a major holiday or cooking spree of any kind. The chances of having any issues after Thanksgiving decrease dramatically if you have your plumbing cleaned out and repaired beforehand.

Don’t pour grease down your drain or garbage disposal. Grease, fat, and oil can cause significant damage to your pipes. These liquids react with wastewater and harden to block up your pipes.

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Use a sink strainer. Be careful about what can fall down the drain or garbage disposal without you noticing. Use a strainer to catch any stray food bits like celery, poultry skin, any part of a potato, and even utensils.

Don’t become a DIY expert on Thanksgiving. If you’ve never tried to clean out or repair your garbage disposal or sink drain, don’t try to learn how on Thanksgiving. You’ll already be stressed from having a malfunctioning appliance, which will lead to errors and could potentially result in an even more major plumbing disaster.

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