5 Tips For Landing More Jobs During The Pandemic

The pandemic changed a lot for contractors, but the most noticeable concern is the smaller sales volume compared to before. Here’s how to land more jobs this year despite the circumstances!

There are many important aspects to the contractor business, but at its core, landing more jobs is the most urgent matter right now. Unfortunately, with the number of restrictions resulting from the pandemic, getting more calls and consistently landing jobs became progressively harder.

That’s because there are simply less calls coming in due to homeowners having less resources to spend on optional services, but also because homeowners are overall more concerned about their own safety. This means that even when it’s for an emergency, homeowners might still hesitate to call a pro into their home if they’re not sure about their reputation.

Whatever the case, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of both getting more calls and landing more jobs, even during the pandemic. Keep reading to learn more! 

1. Make safety a priority

Safety should always be priority number one. This is already a major advantage you can have on less prepared competitors, but it’s way more important than a marketing tactic – your own safety and the safety of your clients should always be in the forefront.

Be sure to let potential customers know you’re taking all the necessary precautions to ensure a safe job by sharing on social media, and letting them know when taking phone or video calls. This will automatically make them more comfortable to take your offer, especially if it’s for a service they desperately need.

2. Take advantage of video calls

Video calls are your best friend right now. Regular phone calls and even text messages are totally fine and get the job done for quick updates, but video calls allow you to actually see your clients – and that’s a great way for you to make a good impression on them.

For that, set up a nice background for your video calls with good lighting and be sure to look presentable, even wearing your business’ uniform if you have one. Besides, the unsung advantage of video calls is that masks are not necessary – so you can both see each other’s faces in full, building trust. It goes a long way!

3. Let your online presence shine

It’s very likely homeowners will have their first impression of you entirely online. They might find you on Facebook or get directed to your website by someone else and it’s crucial to impress them that early.

The idea is simple: keep your profile pages updated with your most recent contact information and have at least one post a week to keep the train moving. Nowadays, nothing looks worse than a profile page with a most recent post from 4 months ago.

4. Provide quick and detailed estimates

This is generally good in any case, but right now it can make a big difference. Being as efficient as possible is a great selling point because it shows you’re organized and proactive, so the trick is to have a system for pushing out estimates in a quick and efficient way.

It’s a nice piece of branding, it can be sent via email to keep track of what customers said, and you really benefit from having everything written down. Even if you’re juggling multiple estimates, it’s fairly easy to pick up where you left off, as long as it’s detailed enough.

5. Get leads

A lead service like homeyou’s is perfect for receiving more opportunities for jobs in your area. You can select the area you’re covering, the services you offer, and only receive leads that you can capitalize on.

The major concern contractors have when it comes to leads is “what if I receive more leads than I can take or pay for?” Luckily, there’s a simple solution for that: you can set up at any given time how many leads you want to receive, meaning you will never go over budget, but can still receive leads that matter.

It’s easy to set up and during these times it can work as a much needed boost to your sales!

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