What are the Best Social Media Platforms for Contractors?

Social media platforms are one of the main ways to maintain an online presence and engage with potential clients. But doing so can be a lot of work, so where will your efforts be truly rewarded?

Social media platforms can be a vehicle to be found online and land more sales, but you should focus your efforts where you’re more likely to meet your target audience.

In most cases, that boils down to picking the ones that are most popular, but some specific problems might call for more specific solutions. Below you will find social media platforms that are recommended for contractors, but they all have their purpose – it’s not necessary to focus on all of them.

The contractor line of work is also not that easy to advertise on some platforms, but it depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into content creation and online marketing.


Facebook has been under a lot of scrutiny and disdain in recent times. It was once the undisputed greatest social media platform in the world, but ever since it received dramatic UI changes and a shift in focus to value more “disposable” content, it has lost a lot in terms of reputation.

However, it’s still the biggest social media platform in the world by a lot. It has 2.85 billion active monthly users, which is still far more than any other social media in the world. For a business, it’s wise to plant a flag here.

Public opinion aside, Facebook has a number of useful features for businesses too, including a business page with chat, reviews, and an easy way to promote your posts for a wider audience – which is very useful to gain a decent following early on.

And business pages are an easy way to be found, which is essential for a contractor business.


Instagram is also owned by Meta, the creator of Facebook, and it shows. Most of its features are very similar, though Instagram heavily favors short video content in the Stories format – which became popular with Snapchat and is now a standard feature on all Meta-owned apps.

Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users, which is quite a high number, pretty much standing toe-to-toe with TikTok.

Facebook and Instagram can be used in very similar ways, though Instagram is preferred by a younger audience in search of entertaining content. To fit your business in this context, you have to learn how similar businesses are doing it.

Given the sheer amount of people using both Facebook and Instagram, these two platforms are almost obligatory.


LinkedIn is not really the place to advertise your service to make sales, but it’s the perfect place for creating connections, networking, and finding top talent to hire.

You will find other businesses similar to yours and from there, learn, create partnerships, or simply study your competitors. It also has a pretty robust platform for advertising positions, making it a more professionally-oriented platform.


YouTube is one of the hardest platforms to really delve into, but it can bring great results if you put in the work.

It’s hard because when it comes to YouTube there are no two ways about it: this is a platform that likes videos and not much else. The main platform actually prefers long-form content (anything from 10 minutes to over an hour), though some creators are starting to find success with YouTube Shorts – a part of the platform for short-video content exclusively.

But producing good videos is extremely difficult and time-consuming. You have to know what you’re getting yourself into. Running a YouTube channel for success is like running another separate business that requires a lot of research and effort.

It can bring in great results but do keep in mind the work that needs to be put out in return. If you’re unsure, it’s better to stick to Facebook and Instagram as a baseline because, despite their challenges, they’re much easier to create content for.

In short, YouTube is very hard to navigate, and producing high-quality video content is difficult. The long-term rewards are enticing, but keep in mind that it will be a long journey.


Pinterest is an underrated pick but it can work when used in conjunction with other platforms. For example, many users like to create “boards” with stuff they like, most of which are usually images.

If you take great pictures of your own completed projects – especially if you work with interior design, landscaping, or painting, you can find great success on Pinterest. But Pinterest works a bit differently from other platforms, so you will need to adapt to the way it works.

It’s recommended to update your Pinterest profile in conjunction with a blog for better results. That way you can use SEO and high-quality content to rank highly on search engines like Google and use Pinterest as a bridge.

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