The Most Effective Ways To Generate Leads

Every contractor needs to generate leads, but what are the most effective methods to ensure you get your business going without delay?

The life of a contractor is a life of chasing leads. There are many technical ways to explain it, but basically, a lead is someone who has the potential to become a client. The way to acquire leads can vary a lot, but the intent is always the same – secure a sale.

The methods can change a bit depending on your business, so let’s take a quick look at the most efficient methods for contractors. Hopefully, with these tips, you can be on your way to make sales and increase your number of clients! 

Use social media

It almost goes without saying, but social media is one of the main ways you can get leads. There’s a lot that goes into it, but the basic idea is to make sure your contact information is always easy to find.

Along with that, keep your social media page updated at least once a week with something new. Any likes, shares, and comments you get will help. Besides, this tends to keep the algorithm working in your favor.

Finally, be sure to reply to your messages. This is the main way potential clients will try to get in touch with you, so if you don’t have time in a day to reply quickly, hire someone to do so. 

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Videos and images

When it comes to social media posts, videos and images are far more engaging than plain text. Videos, in particular, have been the major player for a while now – seeing how the biggest social media platform on the planet (Facebook, obviously) is heavily favoring videos over all other types of content.

Even Instagram, originally a photo-sharing platform, now mainly deals in short videos with the Stories format.

Now, creating quality videos is a whole other topic that we’ll get back to later. For now, if you want to invest in videos for social media, I highly recommend checking out if your competitors or similar businesses in other areas are doing something of the sort.

If they are and it’s working, you can learn a few things. If no one in your area seems to be doing it, then you should pioneer – you’re already ahead of the game!

Use your website

Websites are less important now that social media platforms do almost everything for you, but they still set a professional outlook you want to maintain.

But most importantly, you can use your website as another way to secure leads. Whether you’re designing your website by yourself or working with a web designer, be sure to have your phone number and/or email in big and friendly lettering. That’s the most important part – giving potential clients a way to get in touch with you.

It’s a great idea to put emphasis on a button that says “Get your free quote now”, or something along those lines. You want a call to action that brings clients closer to you.


Reviews and testimonials from your previous clients are a great way to build trust. Whenever you’re done with a job, encourage your clients to leave a review on your Facebook page or website. These are excellent for new visitors looking to discover what you’re all about.

You may encounter the occasional negative review, it happens to the best in the business. But you can also learn how to deal with negative reviews and come out on top despite it all.

Lead generation service

A lead generation service like homeyou makes the process even easier. Basically, you’re only paying for the leads you receive, and you can set up a budget right away to make sure you never take more than you can chew.

You will also only receive leads in your area, and for the services you sign up for. All the leads go straight to your phone, so you can reply to them immediately. Most contractors use this along with all the previous tips as a way to passively receive high-quality leads.

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