5 Ways To Generate Leads For Your Contractor Business

Generating leads is crucial to a contractor business but it can be very time-consuming. Here are the most effective ways to do it with the best results!

Generating leads is at the heart of any contractor business. It’s one of the most important tasks you should always be working on, but it can be time-consuming – which means that generating leads passively is a huge benefit to your business.

Let’s discuss some of the best ways to generate leads and how you can do it actively and passively, building a reputation that eventually brings in leads faster and more easily.

Offer quality content for free

This is one of the most common and effective ways to capture emails and find people that are already interested in what you have to offer. You’ve probably participated in this technique on the other side when you were looking for information on other things.

The idea is to offer a piece of great content for free as a way to start a conversation. For example, many websites will give you a free ebook and in return will ask for your email address so they can send it to you.

Now they know you have interest in the subject or service they offer, which greatly facilitates a potential sale in case you want to keep learning.

For contractors, you could create a short ebook, an article, or a video (recorded or live), and also ask for an email address. Now you have someone interested in your service and you can promote your services to them.

Use Facebook ads

Facebook ads are easy to start with and very affordable. You can promote the odd post now and then to get the hang of it, but once you understand how it works, you can use it for bigger campaigns on more important content.

As mentioned above, if you’re offering something for free, you want to advertise it so that a lot of people see it. That’s a lot of interested people getting closer to you with very little effort.

But Facebook isn't the only way to promote yourself. There are other effective ways to promote your contractor business!

Start a time-limited offer

Another common strategy that often brings results. The kind of offer you can promote will depend on your contractor's business, but there’s usually something you can use.

Offer a discount on selected services or materials and push for a deal before a deadline. You can do this with the help of your social media profiles, stating that the offer will end in one week or by the end of the month. It’s a great way to encourage potential clients to seal the deal finally.

Use CTAs strategically

CTAs are “call-to-actions”, which simply means the action you want the user to take by the end. For example, if you create a social media post, you’re probably advertising something – a service, an offer, or free content. The call-to-action in that case is the link the user can click on to be directed to said content.

For blog articles, the call-to-action is often among the first few paragraphs, at the very end, or on both ends. If you’re a regular here, you’ve probably noticed a link at the end of every article, right? That’s our call to action!

Ask for referrals

Referrals are all about timing. The best way to ask for one is to do so once you’ve completed a job, and you can do so by email, message, or call, whichever you find more appropriate.

And the more specific you are, the better. For example, if you’ve just finished a painting service, you can simply ask if they know anyone else that might require such service. It’s much easier to recommend a service they know you’re great at, and direct recommendations are always welcome.

We’ve already discussed extensively how to get more referrals for your contractor business too, so be sure to pick up on those tips.

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