Gutters are some of the most important components of the overall drainage system of any home. If they are not working as expected, it will be very hard to drain your roof out of that rainwater. Unfortunately, gutters are exposed to normal wear and tear and can get damaged fast at times, especially if you live in an area where it rains a lot or if there are tall trees nearby that keep bringing in debris. 

But as a homeowner, it is up to you to make sure that your gutters are fixed as soon as possible. Also, something as simple as gutter cleaning can go a long way in maintaining the efficiency of gutters and the overall drainage system at home.

Why Are Gutters So Important?

Before we get to the details of why home maintenance and gutter cleaning matter so much, it is important to explain the role that gutters play. Gutters in general are designed to redirect water from the roof accordingly. 

As such, gutters can play two key roles. 

  • First, they integrate the roof into the entire drainage system of a home. This means that the rainwater is directed in a way that doesn’t cause any harm to the property. As you know, the accumulation of water, especially around the house’s foundation, can lead to serious issues. 
  • Secondly, gutters can help you harvest rainwater and use it in a variety of ways around the house, such as watering your plants or washing the driveway. 

Why is Gutter Cleaning Vital?

There are several reasons why gutter cleaning is so important and why it is often the first topic on a home maintenance checklist. Below, I show you four of the main reasons.

Prevent Roof Damage 

Roof repairs are not cheap. Even small leaks can lead to massive costs and repair projects. Besides, a damaged roof can lead to other significant structural damages around the house. 

Remember the roof is designed to protect you and your family from the harsh weather conditions outside. Any damage to the roof will affect its ability to do this. In the end, the quality of life at home may be affected significantly. However, you can prevent all this by making sure your gutters are working properly and efficiently. 

As long as the water can move freely from the roof, then the risk of damage will be reduced. Even if you don’t have time to clean the gutters or if you can’t risk going up such a tall ladder to do so, you can hire a gutter cleaning service provider to help you.

Prevent Pest Infestation

Clogged gutters can also create the perfect breeding ground for pests. Here’s why: in most cases, gutters are clogged by leaves and other organic matter. These leaves can be a source of food for many small pests and maybe even wildlife. There is also the accumulation of water that can attract mosquitoes.

After all, if your gutter is not moving water as much as it should, it means small amounts of water are either left on the roof or on the gutter itself. 

This water will easily attract pests and before you know it, you may have a big infestation to deal with. However, you can avoid this if you explore gutter cleaning as part of your seasonal home maintenance.

Avoid Foundation Damage 

One of the main causes of damaged foundations is poor drainage. Gutters are designed to take all that water from the roof and send it to places where it doesn’t pose any risks to your foundation. 

But if the same gutters are no longer working properly, it means that water will start to clog, and soon enough, it will accumulate around the house. 

This water is then absorbed by the soil around the foundation until it becomes saturated. As a result, the structure of the soil is altered, something that may cause the foundation to sink and lead to mold infestation in your basement walls. 

Enhance the Value of Your Home 

Having clean and functioning gutters can also help to keep the value of your home high. Potential home buyers will always look at gutters just to see if they work before they make an offer for the house. 

Also, clean gutters will help you avoid many other possible damages to the house including a leaky roof or a bad foundation.

Do you need gutter cleaning and inspection? Contact a local professional and request a free quote!


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