You may want to have some remodeling done in your home. You may also be wondering, how long will that remodeling project take? This article can help you decide what work you want done, and give you a timeframe on that work. Some projects take days, some weeks, and some take months, so this can help you plan out weather or not you should rent a motel for the duration of the project. Because it’s best to know what’s in store for your family and your home when renovating. So take a look.

"One of the reasons I became a designer in the first place was because I love collecting and putting it all together. But when you're designing your own house, one of the hardest things to do is finish it. Because you're always finding and adding your next favorite thing." - Suzanne Kasler

Replacing Siding to Vinyl

The house remodel can take some time
Remodeling your house will take time. Source: Home Decor Ideas

One of the best upgrades you can make to your home is to outfit the siding with vinyl. Vinyl has numerous upgrades that we’ll get into later. However the real question is, how long does it take to replace siding? While answers can vary, for the most part it takes about a week or two.

And while the project doesn’t technically interfere with the interior of your home, there will be a fair amount of noise. So if that doesn’t sound like it’s your cup of tea then it may be time to rent a hotel for just a little bit. In any case, vinyl siding offers the following features:

  • UV Protection - Will shield your home from harmful UV rays
  • Green Material - Vinyl is mostly recycled
  • Wide Variety of Colors and Styles - Anything you can imagine
  • Zero Maintenance - Once installed, there’s not much upkeep
  • Inexpensive - One of the cheapest materials with great quality
  • Long Lasting - Very durable material

Replacing Your Roofing

The roofing is important for any structure
Upgrade your roofing before you absolutely have to! Source: HGTV

Unfortunately no roofing lasts forever, and when it starts to go you’ll notice it right away. Missing shingles, leaking ceiling, or pieces coming off, the signs are evident. So when you need to get that replaced, the question remains, how long will that remodeling project take? The answer will usually be within a week, weather permitting. Fortunately the mess is usually fairly manageable, with the roofing company renting out a dumpster specifically for the job. However, the lack of a roof may cause you to seek out the aid of a motel, if for no other reason than exposure to the elements.

Converting a Basement

Here's a great before/after remodeling pic
The basement looks totally new. Source: Follow the Yellow Brick Home

When switching it up to the basement, the question suddenly becomes how long does it take to gut a house? Depending on if you’ve got framing down there in the first place, or if you’re working off of the foundation, renovating the basement is a bit of a different beast. Depending on what you want to do, the price range and the time for renovation change dramatically. You can change it into storage space relatively cheaply and easy, but if you want to turn it into a bedroom that could end up being pricey and taking a long time.

Remodeling a Kitchen

The newest in kitchen fixtures and appliances
Greener, more efficient kitchen appliances. Source: Wikipedia

Here’s another project with huge variations in both time and cost. How long does it take to renovate a kitchen? The short answer is: it depends on what you want to do. You can probably revamp the cabinets in a day if you’re refacing. But having a fixture installed will take a little bit longer. So count on a week or two for any number of projects. Here’s a very vague look at how long certain projects might take you, and again, there are many factors.

  • Painting: 1-3 days
  • Flooring: 2-3 days
  • Cabinet install: 2-4 days
  • Countertop installation: 1-2 days
  • New fixtures: 1-2 weeks
  • New appliances: 1-2 days
  • Backsplash install: 1-3 days

Bathroom Renovation

Look at how gorgeous that bathroom looks
The classy bathroom remodel. Source: HGTV

So how long does it take to remodel a bathroom? An entire revamp can easily take two to three weeks. That’s if you’re swapping out everything for updated fixtures, meaning tub, toilet, sink, and vanity. A complete rehaul will also have a hefty price tag of nearly $40,000 or more. Luckily the return on investment is astoundingly high for bathroom renditions, so you can be sure to recoup what you spend in terms of home value gained.

Attic Conversion

Even the attic can be converted
A reading nook bed for the attic. Source: Houseblog

Last but not least, converting an attic to a livable room in the house can be pricey, but certainly accommodating. The process is not disruptive at all, because all the work is being done upstairs. This is a good thing because the home renovation timeline for this project can take a very long time. Completely raising the roof can take anywhere from eight to ten weeks, depending on weather conditions.

Wondering how long a certain remodeling project will take in your home? Or just pricing out your options? Contact a professional today to find out.

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