Mobile homes are a good choice for those who want a home but don't want to live in the same place for years. Whenever you need to move, you can pay someone to move the structure for you instead of selling your home and buying a new one. 

There are parks that offer amenities for residents such as weekly trash pickup and clubhouses. You may want to buy a piece of land for your home and move it there, too. However, make sure that you know the basics of how to remove your mobile home before making a decision! 

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Removing a Mobile Home

If you want to remove your mobile home from one park and move it to another, you'll find contractors who can handle the job and secure all of the permits needed. They will also remove the deck or porch along with the stairs.

Contractors need to make sure that the utilities are shut off and that they remove any ties that secure the building to the ground. If you have a larger mobile home such as a double-wide, the workers may need to divide the building in half and transport the pieces separately.

The permits that you need include some that give you permission to transport the home via local highways. Remember that it can take a few days or longer for the contractors to remove the required parts and hook up the mobile home. You also need to factor in the time that it takes to move the home between the two locations. 

The average cost of a mobile home removal service is between $3,000 and $10,000. Larger homes may cost as much as $12,000 to $15,000 to move. These fees do not take into account the money that you spend to buy a new plot of land or move into a park.

Mobile Home Demolition

Not all mobile homes are worth the time and effort that it takes to move them. If you buy land that has a mobile home already on it, you may decide to go for home demolition. The home may show serious signs of damage such as a broken porch and holes in the roof. It can easily cost more to repair and move the home than it is worth. Contractors can break down the mobile home for you and charge you less than it would cost to move it.

With demolition, the contractors will rip off the roof and any other parts that are easy to move. They will then separate any materials that have value. Though you may find companies that will demolish the home for free in exchange for the materials, most charge a fee for the work. 

Besides, not only do they need to secure permits, but they also need to remove all of the trash and debris. If the previous owners left behind items, the cost of the job can rise. You'll pay a price of up to $5 per square foot for the demolition.

Deconstructing Mobile Homes

Deconstruction is an alternative to mobile home removal designed for buildings that are in poor to bad shape. This is a good choice if the home has pieces and materials that you can salvage for other construction jobs. For example, you may decide that you want to add the steps and porch to a new home and reuse some of the roof shingles. 

Most cities charge up to $500 for deconstruction permits. You also need to pay around $5,000 or more for the contractors to tear down the home and save specific materials.

The reason why the mobile home demolition cost is higher than the cost of other jobs is that it requires more labor. Contractors spend much more time pulling off the salvageable parts and saving them for you. They can either identify those materials as they work or let you create a list of what you want to save. Your contractors will haul away all debris and trash to the dump for you.

Mobile Home Donation

If you need to remove a mobile home that is in rough shape, consider donating it to a local charity. Many organizations accept these donations and use them for different reasons. 

  • Some charities restore the homes and give them to people in need. Others use the materials that they can save to build homes for others. 
  • You'll also find that some firefighter departments use mobile homes for controlled burns. New firefighters learn what to do when a fire breaks out and how to save the people inside. 
  • When you donate your property, you get a tax write-off that you can file next year to save money on your taxes or get more back. 

Though you might think that mobile home disposal is your only option, there are other ways to move or remove a mobile home.            

Want to know how much it would cost to remove your mobile home? Contact a local pro and request a free estimate! 


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